Lady of the Land of Fire: Afghanistan’s Aryana sings ‘Baanoo-e Aatash Nesheen’

Aryana’s latest single, Baanoo-e Aatash Nesheen or The Lady of the Land of Fire is dedicated to Afghan Women worldwide.

If you relate to the pain and suffering Afghan Women have gone through for years, take a moment and share this video.

Directed and Produced by Hasib Sayed (Sherzaad Entertainment) and beautifully composed and sung by Aryana, the lyrics of this song were written by Sulaiman Didar and the music has been arranged by the talented Shahram Farshid. The camera was handled by Sajjad Akhtar (ACTC) and editing/colour correction was done by Ghafar Faizyar (Dilam Tang Ast).

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