America’s confusion deadly for Syria

After sabre-rattling and invoking his imaginary ‘red line,’ Obama took an eraser and wiped the line clean

U.S. President Barack Obama. KEVIN LAMARQUE/REUTERS

The United States is about to trample all over international law and very soon we can expect cruise missiles to rain on Syria, a country that has done America no harm.

It’s true, the barbaric dictator of Damascus has massacred his own people, but which Arab king or dictator has not?

If Syria is in America’s crosshairs, then why isn’t Saudi Arabia? After all, isn’t Riyadh the international sponsor of jihadi terror and home to the men who attacked America on 9/11?

But it’s Damascus that will be hit. Damascus, the city of jasmine that has survived many a slaughter in its history, has sunk to level of barbarity few of us can reconcile.

A few years before he died in 1998, Syria’s greatest poet of modern times, Nizar Qabbani penned a provocative poem titled, “When will they announce the death of the Arabs?”

He wailed:

If someday they announced the death of the Arabs … Then where would they be buried?

And who would cry over them?

They have no daughters … They have no sons … And there is no grief, And there is no one to grieve!!

On Aug. 21, very close to where Qabbani is buried in the ancient cemetery of Bab al-Saghir in Damascus, hundreds of boys and girls gave testimony to the truth of Qabbani who wrote in his epic poem, “The nations who call themselves Arabs are all dead, but no one has yet dared to sign the death certificate.”

Gasping for breath, the children of Damascus saw their lives being sucked out of them in a gas attack, not by their sworn enemies the Jews or America, but by their fellow Arabs.

Impotent fools of the Arab League and their servants running the OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) have been sitting around huge conference tables twiddling prayer beads in one hand and sipping Turkish coffee with the other, overseeing Arab-over-Arab atrocity, fuelling Shia vs. Sunni Muslim conflict while denouncing the Jew and the West for the crimes they themselves commission.

Having said that, U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration cannot escape responsibility for the crimes against humanity that have unfolded before our eyes.

In Iraq we were lied to, while in Syria the supposed truth coming out of Washington is so lame even the British Parliament couldn’t stomach the facts offered to MPs. Across the world people not only doubt and distrust the words of Obama, they laugh at his lack of resolve and his failure in resolving any conflict anywhere in the world.

After sabre-rattling for a week and invoking his imaginary “red line,” Obama took an eraser and wiped the line clean.

Lt. Cmdr. (retd) Zuhdi Jasser of the U.S. Navy is a Syrian-American physician whose family fled the Baath Regime in Syria to settle in the U.S. in the early 1960s. He, too, is highly critical of his president.

“President Obama has not had a strategy in Syria. Three months into the revolution we were calling for decisive action to support the opposition and enact a no-fly zone which would have given the opposition room to defeat the Assad regime long before it became a full client state of Iran and unleashed the hell of al-Qaida and Hezbollah,” he said in e-mail.

Jasser, who heads the American Islamic Forum for Democracy said: “There was no Al-Nusra Front before 2012 in Syria. Now that the atrocity has turned to nerve gas the Obama administration is finally, finally waking up. However, instead of doing something they take the case to the U.S. Congress? We are turning into a laughing stock.”

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