Arab-Australian lets loose a volley of anti-Black Racism on Brisbane Train – Says, “I am proud to be White”

In the video filmed by a friend, 17-year old Arab-Australian teen Abdel-Kader Boumzar utters a racial outburst at Brisbane train guard, Josphat Mkhwananzi, an African immigrant. Boumzar refers to the train guard as ‘n*****’ and a ‘black c***’ repeatedly before he continues to explode into a racist rant during the five-minute video.

Here is the transcript:

‘Do you want to come to Australia to learn some proper English?’

‘That is the issue c*** – learn some f*****g English ’cause this is Australia c*** because I can’t understand you.’

‘No, look, my n****r brother – I got my feet off the f*****g seat.’

‘Don’t touch me – I don’t want to speak to you – I don’t understand you,’ the 17-year-old said.

‘Bro, if you want to be a security guard, learn some English first.’

An attendant is heard telling the young man to ‘get off’ at the next stop.

Another security guard, wearing a blue top, is seen walking towards the teenager as he continues to drunkenly slur his words to another train worker.

‘I’m trying to get to the next station – l’ll sit on this f*****g train for hours if I have to,’ the teenager said.
‘I’ll hold all you f*****s up. I really don’t care. Especially this black c***.
‘Do you even have an Australian citizenship, you f*****g n****r?’

At the end, a number of White passengers on the train come to the aid of the Black African guard and force the Arab teen off the train

After getting exposed, Boumzar went on Facebook to blame his behaviour on drunkenness, but then boasting, “I am proud to be White”. (No you are not White; you are an Arab wannabe White)

Kader Bouzmar

Here is a piece I wrote for the Toronto Sun on the universality of anti-Black racism in August 2014.

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