Baloch Canadians in Toronto protest against Pakistan Military men who’ve moved to Canada – A TaG TV Report

On Sunday, September 6, the war in Balochistan, symbolically speaking, came to Mississauga when a handful of Baloch Canadians set up a protest outside an event organized by hundreds of former Pakistani military officers who have moved to this country.

Delusional as it may sound, they were celebrating their make-believe victory over India in the 1965 war and spreading propaganda and anti-India hatred to the next generation.

As the Baloch chanted slogans against the Pakistan army, they were taunted as “Indian agents” and “traitors to Pakistan” by the former Pakistani army officers arriving in luxury cars.

I heard one man decked out in a tuxedo and driving with a Florida licence plate, boast: “This (military) operation in Balochistan should continue, we will shoot every one who would come in our way.”

Another guest, upset that I was with the Baloch Canadians, wrote to me:

“We enjoyed the amazing victory dinner and soon hope Pakistanis will slaughter remaining Baluch terrorists in Pakistan.”

At least one of these former Pakistan military officers works for Toronto police and attended the event in uniform.

I asked him if he was representing the police, but he said he could not speak to the media.

This begs the question: How did Canada become a safe haven for Pakistan’s military officers despite numerous reports that the country’s army is engaged in war crimes in Balochistan, and that elements within the army back the Taliban and jihadi groups fighting us?

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