1 comment for “Ban the Burka?

  1. pauseforpaws
    November 7, 2013 at 8:00 AM

    This is extremely and abhorrently intolerable of you. ‘The attire of the enemy’? ‘Dressing up like penguins’? Really? How many women have you heard about that have taken part in militant Islamic groups, or any extremist groups for that matter, preaching the idea that the best way to offend the West is through covering the face? Muslim women don’t go out of their way to cover their faces to OFFEND others, no, the idea behind it is to remain modest. For someone who has the front to pretend that they’re an expert on Islam and their motives, perhaps you should become a little more well informed. Obviously they don’t wear it at home; at home, there is generally only family there, who are allowed to see your face. Furthermore, there are more PC ways of expressing yourself that wouldn’t cause anger amongst the targeted, and might even enable you to garner more listeners from the Muslim community. Now, all you’ve done is created a divide between Muslims and non-Muslims.

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