Americans wonder in exasperation, “Why do they hate us?” Here’s why.

“… not all diplomats are created equal. U.S. diplomats can get away with murder as was the case when one of them shot dead a Pakistani man in broad daylight. Another U.S. diplomat in Kenya killed a Kenyan in a car accident, but was smuggled out of the country before the police could talk to him. U.S. diplomats, who kill, smuggle or make racist remarks, face no trials. But an Indian diplomat can be stripped and handcuffed on questionable charges of underpaying her housemaid.”

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Obama and ChuckTarek Fatah
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Only U.S. President Barack Obama could manage to pull off such colossal American failures in foreign policy.

It’s as if the man has the reverse Midas touch.

In fairness, it’s easy for countries to be jealous of America and detest its accomplishments. However, to earn the wrath of both sides in every conflict requires a special skill. Obama has that.

In Israel, Jews and Palestinians are suspicious of Obama’s motives. In Syria, where the Obama administration wanted to topple the Assad regime, it ended up creating fertile soil for Islamist jihadis, America’s sworn enemies.

But all of America’s blunders in diplomacy pale when compared to how it has managed to make an adversary out of a natural ally— India.

As if it was not enough that Washington was funding India’s archenemy, Pakistan, with billions of dollars in military hardware, we now learn the U.S. is backing the Islamist opposition in India’s eastern neighbour, Bangladesh, by undermining the legitimacy of the Muslim world’s only secular, anti-Islamist government, led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

We also learn from a Bangladesh news source that the arrest, strip search and subsequent expulsion of Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade from the U.S. over minor charges of visa fraud to employ an Indian maid, may have been the result of tensions between New Delhi and Washington over India’s policies on Bangladesh.

The quoted a senior official of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs saying the arrest of the Indian diplomat in the U.S. took place after a meeting between Indian Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh and U.S. State Department officials, where the two sides couldn’t agree on policies towards Bangladesh.

“There were several contentious issues that Sujatha Singh raised with the U.S. officials, and Bangladesh topped our list of differences,” the official said. “The differences are well known … but when Sujatha Singh made India’s position loud and clear, the Americans were less than amused.”

Only time will tell if it’s true Khobragde’s arrest in New York and subsequent expulsion was the result of America trying to bully India into abandoning Bangladesh to the Saudi and Turkish-backed Islamists.

After Khobragade’s expulsion, the Indians retaliated by asking two American diplomats to leave India. It turns out they had made no secret of their contempt for India and Indians.

American diplomats Alicia May husband Wayne May in New Delhi who made disparaging and racist remarks about India and Indians

American diplomats Alicia May husband Wayne May in New Delhi who made disparaging and racist remarks about India and Indians

They were caught on Facebook making racist remarks about Indian society. One post takes a bizarre and hateful swipe at Indians, saying, “It’s the vegetarians that are doing the raping, not the meat-eaters.”

Another boasts of arranging to smuggle beef burgers into the country and hosting the illegal sale of pearls smuggled into India from China.

But then, not all diplomats are created equal.

U.S. diplomats can get away with murder as was the case when one of them shot dead a Pakistani man in broad daylight. Another U.S. diplomat in Kenya killed a Kenyan in a car accident, but was smuggled out of the country before the police could talk to him.

U.S. diplomats, who kill, smuggle or make racist remarks, face no trials. But an Indian diplomat can be stripped and handcuffed on questionable charges of underpaying her housemaid.

Virtually overnight, the U.S. has turned a billion Indians into adversaries.

Meanwhile in Pakistan, the mullahs and military chuckle in amusement, as Americans wonder in innocent exasperation, “Why do they hate us?”

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  1. Ramesh
    January 14, 2014 at 9:41 PM

    Name one country in the world that would arrest and strip search a diplomat for underpaying her nanny! Name just one.

    11 million illegals live in the US with no civil rights and minimum wage protections. The American public, farms and companies freely use this slavery.
    This maid had health insurance paid by the Indian government.

    Meanwhile the existence of free press in the US is a rumor, look how sanctimonious and racist the entire US media has been.

    The US demands maximum immunity for its diplomats in the rest of the world and insists on minimum immunity inside the US for diplomats of other countries. Well, the clock is ticking now. Any US diplomat caught in a tricky situation anywhere in the world should face the music.

    US diplomats literally have been receiving royal treatment, well it is over now. India should demand salary details and tax information at the US embassies in India. It looks like some family members of US diplomats have worked illegally in India, these should be pursued.
    And look at what kind of diplomacy! US “diplomat” in Delhi has a facebook post stating her Indian gardener weighs less than her dog and gets less protein in his diet.

    January 15, 2014 at 12:10 AM

    No Tarek, the charge is not of underpayment. Actually that despicable woman demanded $10,000 from Devyani and they agreed to pay even. But she also demanded that her passport which was official and only useful for the purpose for which she was brought and for that tenure only and will not allow her to work elsewhere and earn in US should be converted to ordinary passport and also her entire family should be arranged such facilities including visa. The problem started when she abandoned the work, fled and hid somewhere and began making all these demands. Then Devyani filed a suit and also possibly some criminal proceedings [this I am not sure] in Delhi, India since the agreement with the maid was executed in Delhi, India. The Court in India issued warrants of arrest too and in all probability they were forwarded to the concerned US authorities for extradition of that maid [this aspect has to be verified]. That complicated the matters and obviously that maid was a mole and was in league with US undercover agents possibly CIA. They pulled out a sudden and surreptitious action – they urgently got issued visas [of some special kind] to the entire family of Sangeeta Richards (the maid) and ‘evacuated’ them from Delhi and brought to US. This was said to be a witness protection measure. If the charge was only of underpayment, as per US law no criminal proceedings could be taken. Federal Labor Standards of US prescribe only a penalty equal to the amount not paid [due to underpayment] to the owner – it is not an offence punishable with imprisonment or to be tried by a criminal court. So they devised this strategy of framing Visa Fraud case against Devyani for which she can be sentenced up to 15 years imprisonment even! They misquoted the figure she gave on the Visa form of $4500 [which was the consular officer’s own monthly salary] as that promised to Sangeeta Richards [maid] and framed all those charges since stating a false thing knowingly also amounts to visa fraud. All this is done in sheer vengeful spirit and it is said that Preet Barara, Manhattan Attorney, close to Obama, had done out of his own personal ill feelings against Indian government for their cruel suppression of Khalistan movement and the anti-Sikh riots that took thousands of Sikh lives post-Indira Gandi assassination. You are a better person to enquire and elicit more information regarding these aspects.

    • January 17, 2014 at 7:21 PM


      One of the few decent pieces on this case on the net.
      The Bangla Desh angle is new. Actually, I believe it might stem from Devyani’s work in Pakistan and from Uzra Zeya, who occupied the same house as the chief of security who was fired. The chief, employed Sangeeta’s in laws and had inherited them from Uzra, so I read.

      Differences over Af-Pak possibly? Combined with ongoing feud betwee MEA and US, over visa cases.
      Plus extensive NGO tie ins, I believe this was intended to be part of the ongoing COLOR REVOLUTION in India.
      New Twitter chief in India is also a Kashmiri separatist.
      Soros funded NGOs behind the trafficking charges.
      Possibly also espionage.

      Please read my blog.

      Search for Devyani, Wayne May, Soros NGOs, War on India.

      Bharara is a Rothschild cartel fixer.

      You can read about the NY court system at Ed Manfredonia.

      Google Project Mockingbird for details of CIA infiltration and control of media.

      Social media is also controlled and manipulated.
      Read Project Humanbeingsfirst for an overview of media control.

      Thanks for the piece.Every sane voice counts.

  3. January 15, 2014 at 12:15 AM

    If Devyani made a false statement, yet an Indian liar is better than the US racists.

    • Progressive
      January 29, 2014 at 7:06 PM

      Oh yeah, Americans are very racist, just look at their cast system. In fact they are so racist I bet they can never elect a Black president 🙂

  4. Progressive
    January 29, 2014 at 12:50 PM

    Strip search is a part of the arresting procedures that’s valid for everyone who is arrested in New York city. A diplomat as immunity from prosecution, not from an arrest. A judge determines the status of the accused and in case the person is found to be a diplomat, he or she is deported by declaring him or her a Persona non grata. This is really simple, and US acted accordingly. Lastly, Obama had nothing to do with either the arrest or the arraignment, so I am not sure why you are dragging him in to it any way. Unlike Pakistan, India and probably Canada, the US president does not opine or interfere with every little local incident. This is a big story only in India, nobody in the US gives two hoots about it.

  5. kishore kumar
    May 10, 2014 at 11:00 PM

    Everybody worries about this slave monger Devyaani Khobraagde, but nobody cares about the innocent girl Sangeetha who is real victim of Slavery.

  6. Dan
    September 24, 2014 at 12:49 PM

    Its just that the world does not like to deal with cheap selfish racist bastards who are mostly clubbed in the west. Be ready for your day. Its coming. To prepare for that day, the advise is to have a bowl or cup at hand to beg because you will be popper.

  7. JesusMary
    September 24, 2014 at 1:03 PM

    Probably if fucking Americans learn more spiritual science and live in that perspective, they may flourish. Until now and till date in history we have seen their outcome was only to their selfish needs. Not sure if their minds ever get an idea of non-materialistic spiritual life and its experience. One reason to that may be because their brains are not in their skulls but down which is why they always look out for sex and scandals. That is in fact not a blessed but downgraded and uncivilized life granted to that nation

    • Mike
      October 19, 2014 at 2:59 AM

      I don’t get it. The Americans did nothing wrong your accusations of racisim are un-founded.

      Seems like Indians are looking for reasons to hate the USA. Even though they have the largest successful Indian population.
      While India justifies it’s ties to Russia. A country rules by a evil dictator that is invading its neighbors.
      I find you insulting America over illegal immigrants amusing.
      Considering india still operates a repressive caste system.
      The U.S. supports Pakistan to prevent radicals from taking over

      • July 12, 2016 at 3:32 PM

        there is non “repressive” caste system in India anymore. That is untrue, can u prove why u only study India and Hinduism in your U.S. schools for only 3 minutes, if not at all? Ah and what’s funny is u acknowledge our wealth as I went to Winston Churchill H.S. #1 in Maryland and it was all Jewish and Asian. Now go drive ur brown car and wear your all brown attire for the rest of this coupon!

  8. ZOOP
    October 19, 2014 at 11:49 PM

    America need not worry. When the same Indians stand in line for visas to the promised land, they will lose all their attitude and become normal .ie. pusillanimous and gloss over facts about hierarchy and restrictions of diplomatic visas

    October 2014.

  9. redhawk
    December 15, 2014 at 1:40 AM

    the west is crap with white illegal turds in it . give back that land to MY PEOPLE native Indians and get the hell out of there. also America, Canada, and Ukraine did not sign the anti Nazi resolution, ferguson has a great divide over racial tensions. whites are the pests in those stolen lands America and Canada and should be deported back to Europe.i am native aboriginal and want all whites off my soil! IMMEDIATELY! east Indians,vietnamese or anyone else Russians are welcome.

  10. July 12, 2016 at 3:30 PM

    obama ruined my life though his anti-Hindu beliefs and now Modi saved my life. Vote Trump!!!

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