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    March 7, 2015 at 1:03 AM

    By that very logic non-Muslims too have the right to kill those Muslims who do not respect their religion and their idols and their customs!?

    March 7, 2015 at 2:11 AM

    An excellent coverage; nothing to be found fault with for interviewing the rapists and murderers. It is height of stupidity that this video is banned in India. Rather it should be widely and freely shown to people in Cinema theaters with necessary warning that rapists and murderers will not be tolerated any more.
    Also i strongly feel and demand that the so-called minor also punished strictly – if not by death sentence at least by imprisonment for life with no parole for the next 20 years – the laws be amended accordingly and if necessary, India should retract from international conventions on child rights and laws to this extent that in case of any person above 16 years committing rarest of rare rape and murder cases death sentence will be alternative but life imprisonment would be mandatory. In a country where child marriages are so common and sexual abuses start very early in age, the norms of 18 years cannot and should not be adopted for every purpose.

    As for the two defence lawyers – Sharma was somewhat guarded though his comments were conservative and reprehensible and I strongly condemn those and his person too.

    As for A.K. Singh, his comment that in similar circumstances he would burn the woman [may be his sister, etc.] with petrol before the entire family etc. is very offensive and totally against spirit of humanity and law and he should at once be debarred i.e. taken off the rolls of any or all Bar Councils of India and not allowed to practice or use his law degree any more.

  3. vish
    March 7, 2015 at 9:50 AM

    Well this incident shocked the nation bcoz it is highlighted in the capital and media made a big coverage on it, which is not bad at all but many incidents like this happened in india, no coverage gives to them , why??..

    India gave a justice to its parents by not disclosing her name and their parents on their request and we only know her name as NIRBHAYA…

    But irony is that BBC poke the nation by making fool the Govt. authorities and made a documentary Film on NIRBHAYA.. they disclosed the parents , her name and got interview the criminals by making them 40 thousand rupees..

    The nation got shocked by the BBC coverage in england not in India why so??
    We Haven’t seen the BBC to make a documentary of Rape Incidents in America which is top in List, not in Australia, England, Finland and WHY this double standard happened with a peace loving nation who has been plundered by these developed nation?? we are having lack of Loopholes and we are overcoming from that it will take some time but to target India as rapist Nation who showed a Path to the world to Respect the Women and Spread Peace into the whole world..

    i am hurted by making us Indian men a wrong one and moreover by Disclosing Nirbhaya’s name , her parents who is showed in a documentary and now they are feeling cheated by the BBC and NDTV.. my point of concern is that why BBC hadn’t take NIRBHAYA’s Parents into Confidence for such a documentary, if her parents would have got agree then it would be ok for all of us, i am angry over BBC misconduct of making film by cheating the Family, Govt. and other authorities…

    we are peace loving country as well as we respect women and give them equal Rights..
    thanx: vishal sharma… jai hind..

  4. Smajumdar
    March 9, 2015 at 12:02 AM

    Dear Mr. Fatah,
    We need to hear your analysis about this outrageous position taken by the Indian Government. These incidents are of the same genre as the ones that happened to Rushdie, Nasreen and M.F. Hussain.
    S. Majumdar

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