Young Indian Muslims challenge me on India’s state broadcaster ‘DoorDarshan’

‘Doordarshan’ is India’s state broadcaster that pioneered television across India and is watched by hundreds of millions across Hindustan. On April 6, 2016 during my recent visit to India, DD’s Urdu Television network that is seen by 90% of Indian Muslims, specially in India’s rural agricultural heartland invited me to have a frank exchange with young Indian Muslim women and men. Here is the exchange, at times animated between India’s future and the “Indian born in Pakistan.”

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  1. Anubhav kumar
    April 16, 2016 at 9:49 AM

    Kya bAT JNAB

  2. Venky Pinnamaneni
    April 16, 2016 at 11:56 AM

    In your next lecture would it be possible to highlight/educate & enlighten about another major problem of Indian society wherein both majority and minorities (particularly muslims) have been living in a state of pandemonium since independence, so far as their mutual respect to each other is concerned!

    While middle class muslims needlessly feel coerced to prove their nationalism and so are the majority Hindu’s who are made to believe that they are least accommodative of minorities! And its the radical elements on both sides who exploit this situation by issuing fatwas and raising jingoistic slogans!

    Best wishes,

    April 17, 2016 at 1:31 AM

    Helloz Mr Fatah,

    Janab, I have been watching and following you and your videos on Youtube before you came to India. You sometimes remind me of the great master Osho Rajneesh, the fearlessness with which he confronted all religions, traditions, blind beliefs and customs. I was listening to “Koplen Phir Phoot Ayen”, discourse #3 of Osho (seek/fast forward the audio to time – 1 hour 5 minutes), in which he was speaking beautifully on Mansoor Al-Hillaj and his declaration of An-Al-Haque, and I immediately thought of sharing it with you. If you get time from your schedule do listen to it. Its available on

    Compliments and Best wishes,

  4. naam_me_kya_hai
    April 20, 2016 at 5:40 AM

    Salamalaikkum Tarek miyaa,

    I watched the entire program and I have listened to umpteen number of speeches you have made. I especially liked your rebuttal of a senator/politician who tried to twist your words vis-a-vis “Friday special prayer” asking for victory of momeens over kufar.

    I have only one simple question, sir. I assume (based on your claims of quran) that you have spent the time and efforts to learn, understand and contextualize the quran (based on information from sunnah of rasoolallah saws, hadeeth and other relevant sources). With this aforementioned assumption, I request you to explain your perspective on the merciless, bloody genocide/massacre of the Banu Quraiza AND the act of a filthy dirty brainless dimwit hate-filled monster which intentionally disrespected the emotions of pagan arabs by breaking 360+ idols at the kaabah.

    I find it extremely silly when you claim to be a muslim yourself (by definition this means you respect a filthy paedophile mass-murdering piece-of-turd as messenger of god) while at the same time chastising other muslims who merely follow the footsteps of this alleged “IDEAL” human.

    Please don’t tell me genocide of Banu Qurayza was any different from what the pak-army is doing in Balochistan. My personal wishes are for the exact same fate to be meted out to every single FOOL (including yourself and your family members) that the millions of innocent humans had to face at the hands of the momeen. Just as the pagan arabs, zorastrian persians, pagan africans, hindu/sikh kashmiris, ahmadiyya pakistanis were decimated and/or annihilated – so will you, your loved ones, your family, YOUR OH-SO-IMPORTANT baloch and every singe being you ever cared for will also perish. Alhamdilullah, this will happen sooner than you can imagine – and you will be a witness to this. Insha’allah – as long as you keep identifying yourself as a follower of mohammad, you are (directly or otherwise) inevitably supporting the decimation, destruction of all kufar. I am 100% against violence; consequently, I shall never harm any living entity (a reason why I survive purely on vegan food). So, I will never pose any threat to you or your loved ones; but I sure will pray to Allah SWT to educate you on how it would have felt being an innocent civilian of Banu Qurayza (HINT: Not that much different from what it feels to be a Baloch, today).

    Keep up the good work, sir ji. Allah-akbar. The momeen need useful morons like you – it helps to prevent the identification of what a REAL FOLLOWER of mohammad acts like.

  5. naam_me_kya_hai
    April 20, 2016 at 5:54 AM

    People learn and evolve – I think it’s called “growing up”.

    I’m sure he used to think that people of Delhi would be prejudiced against the kaala madrasi – and TBH I think such racist tendencies are prevalent (more than most Indians would care to admit).

    His up-bringing has influenced him such. The manner in which the bengali people were treated in West Pakistan was despicable (just listen to Hassan Nisar share his past experience/college days). He extrapolates and thinks it is similar in Delhi. Unfortunately, for Mr Fatah, the people of India were quick to migrate from one part to another without much hesitation.

    Just the other day I met a person who was born and raised in Kolkota while his father was a tamil person raised in jamshedpur and his mother was a malayali person raised in orrisa. Consequently this bloke knows bengali, tamil, malayalam, odiya, hindi, english; and he has no problem of identity. He likes all the different cultures equally – and IMO it has proven to be a great asset.

    What Mr Fatah is unable to see is the invisible thread that unites these peoples and cultures. While muslims killed armies and captured slaves; the ancient hindu kingdoms would rarely harm a civilian of the enemy kingdom. Wars would be conducted based on specific rules; and attacking food-supply/farms/trees/etc of enemy kingdom was considered “INDECENT” / “UNCIVILIZED”. Although people of India have been tricked into conversion (to other desert religions, cultures), the HINDU MAJORITY serves as an excellent reminder and keeps this extremely diverse nation UNITED.

    My $0.02.

  6. Ramesh Joshi
    April 22, 2016 at 11:47 AM

    Tarek ! You are a credit to humanity and in particular to the enlightened Muslims in this world. People have been committing all kinds of idiotic conversations as well as fights in teh name of Religions. Your knowledge of history and convincing arguments to follow the path of peace are rays of sunshine in this age of enlightenment and scientific discoveries.
    I have come across another gentleman from Egypt who has also been preaching reform and ways of peace so that over a billion Muslims in teh world can learn to live in peace and take advantage of advances made and prosper.
    Your responses to teh questions of the Muslim youth were very enlightening and simple to understand. May the Muslims and also teh Hindus and others realize and understand that the Religions were started by intelligent and wise ( for the days due to lack of scientific knowledge) MEN to maintain some semblance of peace or law and order. Those days are gone. Now religions have lost their need and importance. Literacy, equality, freedom of speech and adherence to human rights must be the aim in all teh societies. The laws of the land passed by the elected representatives with due protection for minorities must be followed by all and religious laws must be discarded since they have no relevance in this age of enlightenment. Then only peace, progress, equality of sexes and freedom of speech can bring the hope, so much in short supply, to all with no exception.

  7. Arpit Shrivastava
    May 1, 2016 at 4:55 PM

    Hats off. It was very knowledgeable.

  8. Ahmed Bilal Sheikh
    November 24, 2016 at 3:49 AM

    Sir, I listen to your lectures, but I don’t subscribe to your thoughts.
    Best Regards
    Ahmed Bilal Sheikh

  9. January 31, 2017 at 2:13 PM

    Mr Fatah, I am surprised as well as delighted to see that at last a man has been born among the muslims of this subcontinent who is seeing the partition of india with proper perspective. Every muslim should admit that the founding of pakistan was wrong and it is the time to dismantle it and it is the duty of the muslims only. Others can help them. Many many thanks to you. Best wishes. A victim of partion.

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