Islamic cleric in Israel, Sheikh Ahmad Badran declares, “Islam of the next generation will rule the entire world”

Iran and Shia Muslims are “enemies of Allah, the Prophet, and Islam” — Sheikh Ahmad Badran in a Friday sermon delivered at the Al-Bayan Mosque in Jatt, Israel.

Sheikh Ahmad Badran: “It is perplexing for Muslims to see pilots from Jordan, the UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia joining the accursed infidel coalition under the command of America, to strike their brothers, the mujahideen, who were accused of terrorism, and of rising against America. It got to the point that, according to media reports one of the pilots is a woman called Mariam Al-Mansouri. We have a woman pilot now … She flew her plane and bombed positions of the mujahideen. It was said that many of her relatives are proud of how she carried out this duty for her country. One could almost think that it was Tel Aviv that she bombed… You see those Arab pilots from Saudi Arabia joining the American coalition against Islam and bombing their brothers – when they get out of the plane, they make the V sign for victory. They say: “I went, I bombed my brothers, and I came back safely,” and then they roll out their prayer mat and start praying.


“The people fighting Islam, dear brothers, need to be exposed for what they really are. The infidels throughout the world are the enemies of Islam. There are no exceptions, and no distinction between countries that fight us and countries that do not, or between countries that are overt enemies and covert enemies. All enemies are one group, and when a war is waged against Islam, they all team up together- there is no difference between Australia, Sweden, Japan, Russia, China and the US. They all form one army against Islam.


“The Safavids, who came to power in Iran in 1979, under the leadership of their top sorcerer Khomeini – that Safavid Shiite school constitutes an enemy of Allah, the Prophet, and Islam. Those filthy people, no matter how long they grow their beards, and no matter how long their cloaks are or how black their turbans are- may Allah paint their hearts black – are the most hostile towards the Islamic nation. The Jews may show mercy towards Muslims, but the Safavids never will.


“The people of the Gaza strip enjoy more rights under Israeli rule than the Sunnis of Balochistan under the filthy Iranian rulers. They helped America occupy Iraq, and discouraged it from attacking Bashar because Bashar is just as accursed as their Obama. They all belong to the same camp. All the stuff you hear about meetings to discuss Iran’s nuclear weapons has nothing to do with the reality. Everyone knows that America exports many military components to help Iran in its nuclear program. Who doesn’t know this?! Just read what American writers say about it. Everyone knows that Israel helps Iran in its nuclear program. In the past, they could make asses out of us, but no more! Everyone knows that Israel and Iran are allies.


“The Islam of the next generation – perhaps it won’t take more than a decade – will rule the entire world. The countdown to victory in the battle against global heresy has begun.”

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  1. October 3, 2014 at 12:13 PM

    Dear Mr. Fatah, thank you for all you’re doing and being a light in a dark work. I would encourage you to add my book Artifice: Humanities Deception from Time Immemorial to your recommended reading list and would be happy to send you a copy if you have not already read it.

  2. sachin
    October 10, 2014 at 7:24 AM

    First they will ignore……
    then they laugh…….
    then they will fight…….
    and then you win……..
    (Great words by mahatma gandhi)
    You should not stop your great work my blessings are with you ………

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