6 comments for “Islamist cleric Zakir Naik demonstrates his contempt for Christianity and other religions

  1. November 27, 2014 at 6:27 AM

    zakir naik is a man who conceal islam and its brutal values under so called interpreatation.he frequently abuses the other religions.he is a ugly dumb man.

  2. Indian
    November 28, 2014 at 11:26 AM

    Zakir Naik is not ready to debate Agni veer.

  3. atul
    December 8, 2014 at 12:26 AM

    What argument is giveb by Zakir:- alhamdulillah when it comes to Deen we only are right as only the quran promises 72 virgins to zakir for propogating such fundas. Now this proves 2+2=72 in Islam and that is why as per Zakir it is the fastest growing religion. Should I laugh loudly?

  4. Rang
    January 21, 2017 at 7:43 PM

    Hahaha….in Islam, daughter gets 1/4th, sons get 1/2 and wife gets 1/2 of the property.
    So since Alla-tala, godrej-tala says in chapter 420, verse 0, Islam is the only true religion because only in Islam 1/4 + 1/2 + 1/2 =1

  5. MMI
    February 1, 2017 at 7:57 AM

    My depression is not about ‘joker naik’ but the anchor. He has nothing to counter that stupid argument. Stupid anchor. First of all, the math that he is taking example to justify his islam was given to him by non-muslims.

  6. Liviu
    September 10, 2017 at 12:10 AM

    Pride. Makes the most damage to the human character. Yet, mister Zakir Naik contradicts himself: If God gave the non-Muslims knowledge in science-technology matter, why not also in spiritual matters? I compare the Bible and the Quran and here is what I gather: In the Bible is explained why God allowed evil to exist and manifest: God didn’t want to create robots but free-choice beings. As a result is unavoidable that some will choose the wrong path. The Bible also says that we, like other creations of God are born into existence without knowledge of good and evil. God could teach good but He doesn’t teach evil. He doesn’t teach rape, torture, killing, stealing, or any other form of inducing pain and suffering on others. Yet, to be complete, one has to know about what is good and what is evil. So God allowed evil to teach creation what it means, what immense suffering can bring, and why is necessary to obey Him. Adam and Eve decided to try the taste of disobedience and God knowing that is necessary, allowed it. As a result the entire human race experiences evil and serves us a lesson. In the future, at resurrection, when offered a second chance, most of the people will choose this time to obey the Creator, because this life has taught him/her a lesson of where disobedience can lead. The Bible also shows the Modus Operandi of God. God rules the Universe (material and spiritual) based on 4 major attributes: Love, Justice, Power and Wisdom. In Eden Love and Justice were thrown out of balance by Adam’s disobedience. Love said: “Forgive” and Justice asked for Punishment. The Punishment was necessary otherwise the wrong lesson would have been learned: “Do whatever, there are no consequences”. Punishment is necessary regardless of how much we love. The balance between Love and Justice was upset. Now, God created Adam a perfect human being. After the fall, Adam became imperfect (Imperfection leads to death) and so were the subsequent humans born out of this first pair. God’s Justice demanded: ” I want a perfect man-for a perfect man”. Just like having a rich friend who owns a Lamborghini and we ask him for the keys. Being generous he give the keys but…he says: “Don’t do any damage to what I entrusted you with” We wreck the Lamborghini and go back to our rich friend: “we wrecked your Lamborghini but look here are the keys of my Ford Fiesta” Our rich friend says:” It won’t do, my dear friends. I gave you a Lamborghini, I want a Lamborghini back”. We, born after the fall are born imperfect, we are Ford Fiestas. Jesus, one of God’s creations, created by God on the spirit plane offered to take up on the payback:”Send me to become a human being, I will restore the balance between Justice and Love” God, said: “Yes, I want them back, and in the process other tests will show and purify some people, which I will invite here” So, Jesus became the PERFECT man, like Adam was when created initially. He willingly gave his life in exchange for Adam’s (and us) thus restoring the balance between Love and Justice. As a result, God gave him the world to rule it as His personal representative and the Second Coming of Jesus is about this part. Meanwhile, Jesus is electing his “Bride” or in modern terms his ministerial cabinet which will be invited to Heaven (they will have to forfeit their human nature and Earth). This is the period of time when this election takes place and is based not on evidence but FAITH. After the Ministerial Cabinet is full, Second Coming occurs to deal with the rest of the world. They lost the opportunity to become “Bride of Christ” but they will inherit the Earth if they will be meek and obedient. The price paid at Golgotha is applied to the “Bride” first and at Second Coming to the world. Now, I would like to see some explaining of the Quran that shows also God’s Modus Operandi, His attributes, His plan for mankind, etc etc etc. What I saw when I read the Quran was just a lust for blood and a desire to rule over others

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