Jihadi Battle Cry painted on Toronto street is chanted by Al-Qaeda spokesman in Syria

Spokesman of the al-Qaeda affiliate ‘Jabhat al-Nusra’ chants the same jihadi battle-cry painted on the Toronto mural as he refers to defeating Syrian government forces in Daraa. and the promise of Allah to be victorious over the enemies of Islam.

Tha above video exposes the deception and ‘taqqaiya’ of so many Islamist academics in Canadian universities who say the Toronto Street Mural depicting a jihadi battle-cry is just about peaceful prayer, not military conquest.

Here is the Toronto mural:

And here are pictures of the verse painted on the Toronto mural as depicted on a Pakistan Military poster and a medieval sword of an Islamic soldier.

Pakistan Army

The words painted on the Toronto mural are also displayed on this poster of the Pakistan Army.

Sword handle with Quranic inscription

A Sword handle of a medieval Islamic Army with the same Quranic inscription that adorns the Toronto mural at the entrance of a Gerrard Street mosque.

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