Kaafir! Kaafir! My kinda Muslim rocks as he mocks!

“Eating at McDonalds is Kaafir
Brother Darwin’s Monkey is Kaafir!”

Main Bhi Kafir
Tho Bhi Kafir
Lo Jee, Ubb Poori Dunya Kafir

English translation of a selected verses:

! am a Kaafir (infidel), you are Kaafir.
The fragrance of these flowers is Kaafir.

The magic of words is also Kaafir,
This is Kaafir, that is Kaafir.

Faiz was Kaafir, as was Manto Kaafir,
The singing of Noor Jahan too was Kaafir.

Eating at McDonalds is Kaafir.
Burger is Kaafir as is drinking Coke Kaafir.

Laughter is heresy,
Cracking jokes is Kaafir.

The Tabla is Kaafir, so is the Dhol Kaafir
As are two words spoken in love, Kaafir.


My son’s school bag is Kaafir,
Daughter’s dolls are also Kaafir.

To cry or laugh is trading in Kuffar,
If Sadness is Kaafir, is happiness Kaafir too?

Jeans are Kaafir, the Guitar is Kaafir,
Wearing one’s shalwar below the ankles is also Kaafir.

Universities are Kaafir,
Brother Darwin’s monkey is Kaafir.

! am a Kaafir, you are Kaafir.

1 comment for “Kaafir! Kaafir! My kinda Muslim rocks as he mocks!

  1. Linux
    December 7, 2013 at 2:48 PM

    Can you please share the name of the person in the video. I understand he is the poet and has presented his created very well. The world must know his name.

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