Meet Aaron ‘Harun’ Driver, Canada’s latest Jihadi Terrorist who wanted to kill in the name of Islam and ISIS, the Islamic State

OTTAWA, Canada — Police aired a video on Thursday showing slain terror suspect Aaron ‘Haroon’ Driver railing against western “enemies of Islam,” a video they believe was meant as a precursor to Driver’s plan to detonate a bomb in a Canadian urban centre.

Here is a transcript of the English-language audio on the video courtesy the Toronto Sun:

“Oh Canada, you received many warnings. You were told many times what will become of those who fight against the Islamic State. You watched as your allies in Europe and America had their bullets and bombs returned back to them. You saw bodies of the filthy French laying in their own streets.

You saw explosions in Paris and Brussels, similar to the explosions they were dropping on citizens of the Islamic State. You saw brave men and women respond to the call of jihad. You saw that each member of the coalition of crusaders was being punished for their aggression against the Muslims. Then, perhaps, you found yourself safe from retaliation because you ran away from the battlefield. No, no by Allah you still have much to pay for.

You still have a heavy debt which has to be paid. You still have Muslim blood on your hands, and for this we are thirsty for your blood. There’s a fire burning in the chest of every Muslim, and this fire can be cooled only by the spilling of your blood. Your war on Islam is not the kind of crime we allow ourselves to dismiss, to forgive or to forget, insha’Allah.

You will pay for everything you ever brought against us. Whether you drop a bomb or fire a single bullet, we will hold you accountable for this, insha’Allah. Whether you spend millions in the war against Islam or you spend a single cent, we will hold you accountable, insha’Allah.

When you creep an inch towards the lands of Islam or you set foot over its boundaries, we will hold you accountable, insha’Allah.

You call yourselves peacekeepers on this Earth, but (Allah) has already warned us against you. You’re nothing but mischief-makers, and all you do is spread oppression and corruption. So today is the day you experience what it’s like to be targeted for your belief, insha’Allah.

I give my pledge of allegiance to (ISIL leader) Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi … who’s called for jihad in the lands of crusaders, and I respond to this call.”

2 comments for “Meet Aaron ‘Harun’ Driver, Canada’s latest Jihadi Terrorist who wanted to kill in the name of Islam and ISIS, the Islamic State

  1. John van Doodewaard
    August 13, 2016 at 9:56 PM

    Thank God that Aaron Driver was killed before being able to to carry out his planned bomb attack.
    This demonstrates once again that the Government of Canada has the duty to safe guard the peace and security of Canadian Citizens. I believe it to be utter foolishness of the Liberal Government to allow thousands of new Muslim to come into Canada from countries which are hostile to Western ways and democracy. Those wanting to establish Sharia Law in Canada should be deported to countries that practice this law such as Saudi Arabia.

  2. Koki
    August 18, 2016 at 10:03 PM

    Looks like God wasn’t willing to see Aaron Driver succeed after all ^_^

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