Muslim women embrace the idea of their husband’s right to beat them – Beautician then shows them how to cover up facial marks after a beating


And here is a beautician demonstrating how Muslim women should cover up the marks left after the husband lands a few punches on their face.

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  1. steve jonas
    March 30, 2017 at 11:15 AM

    She’s right I believe the under lining strategy for Muslin Hierarchy is too immigrate to all Western countries and slowly integrate themselves with leftists and soft left liberals, become involved in grass roots programs, teachers, local election, provincial and state positions. Then finally in 50 years have Muslims become state elected officials. I believe that is their long term plan. Except for Russia, China & India the Western Countries will evolve into a Hybrid/ Shaira & Western Law System

    • Asif
      April 3, 2017 at 9:29 PM

      Dear Mr. Jonas,

      Congratulations! For arriving at the truth that which has become abundantly clear, specially after the passage of M103. There was a time when west was confident of being the greatest civilization if not the only civilization that is ordered in an otherwise chaotic and confused mess that passes for pseudo civilizations. Sadly the loony left prevailed in the debate, which was never really held that all civilizations are interchangeable and no one civilization is better than another. Multiculti crowd prevailed and some time ago came to annex the schools, colleges and the learning centers and systematically dismantled a once rigorous core curriculum of the seminal texts of original scholarships toward a mushy-log nonsense that teaches how evil the west had been because in the past due to the “pernicious” practices of colonialism, slavery, conquests and what not were damaging to humanity? They expunge the mention of all and any vestiges of the western virtues and thus retarded any prospects of assimilation to, from the new arrivals; and if there remain any prospects of assimilation they exacerbated those by bringing migrants in such huge numbers that they formed clustered existance as “minorities”, never to be able to assimilate and generation after generations ghettoized pockets of rootless natives.

      I know this first hand, I came to Canada in 1975 as an eighteen years old student and stayed until September 1979, an interval of five years. I studied engineering, and got on well with the natives and learned to speak very close to the way natives spoke, because I went to school in a small town with hardly any unassimilated emigrants. I could have stayed in Montreal, where I had initially arrived, but for the hordes of native Pakistanis always critiquing me for attempting to become a more westernized fellow which I desired to from the core of my existance, as in “while in Rome…blah blah, blah”.

      Little did I know at the time when I decided to leave Canada for the U.S.A. that I would be choosing a country that would never become goddamned Pakistan that I had escaped from, as a westerner, to be in the west; where, when my daughters would arrive would not become some chattel of some Islamic Jahiliya. I now live in Boise, ID, totally incommunicado with any subcontinental malarky. There is a good percentage of young men who are similarly of my background that rue the day when the Canadian government began importing the masses of unasimilable shit-heads (I’m sorry to say that it’s a self inflicted wound) like Ms. Iqra Khalid. (What does she know about John Milton’s Areopagitica?) Does she even know why the hell her parents chose to migrate to Canada? If I have my way I would institute a strict test, an entrance exam if you will that would check all applicants eligibility as far as a thorough understanding of the basic tenants of the western civilization. Really, Islam is so not consistent with the western values, that all its adherents ought to be put through the highest of scrutiny before allowing the entrance.

      Canada, will always hold a very special place and a sweet spot for me for I owe her a great debt of gratitude, a gratitude that I will proudly take to my grave in pride, in high honor of my teachers, friends, and for the priceless memories.

      I’m sixty years old now, a father of three lovely daughters, and a husband to an English lady. Good luck to you Sir., and keep the faith and there are many Pakistanis like me who didn’t come to the west to impose our home grown confusion and chaos with us, and we are fighting with you the good war against the forces of darkness. I thank you.



      P.S. I sincerely hope the prediction you have made won’t come to pass. But instead the west will find courage to regroup and assert once again its core values’ superiority that made us so great the envy of the muslim world and not just not the muslim world but the whole wide world.

  2. ajit
    March 30, 2017 at 11:25 AM

    does Islam sanction wife-beating [like zizya]?
    if it does, the quite surprising for me, as Hinduism doesn’t do so.
    individual pairs may have different equations at home, but religious sanction to such behaviour[if any] is something that should be debated.
    kindly list out the exact provision of Islamic tenet that sanctions [if at all] wife-beating.

  3. ankit kumar
    March 30, 2017 at 1:44 PM

    Wtf is going on sir, why don’t these people understand.

    Religion is made for the human, a human is not made for the religion.

  4. Chad m
    April 1, 2017 at 5:49 AM

    The funny part is , if you treat these women nicely and then you tell them that you are not into islam, she will probably hit you back and make a big mess about it. At the end of the day, if you are muslim, then everything’s fine.

  5. krishan
    May 31, 2017 at 10:01 AM

    The problum is not with islam or hinduism or westeran world it is with the universalisation of traits of human behavior . All men can not be brave soldiers who do not fear death and at same time all women canot be peragons of virtue .tThere may be women who need this to swich of their tongue leashing and there may be women who prove to be great companions . Any man who needs to beat his wife never achieve much but men who never needed to do this (even their heart) reach great hights

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