“Pakistan is a ‘Na-Pak’ (unclean) country that is a Brothel” – Late Khair Baksh Marri, leader of the Balochistan Freedom Movement

2 comments for ““Pakistan is a ‘Na-Pak’ (unclean) country that is a Brothel” – Late Khair Baksh Marri, leader of the Balochistan Freedom Movement

  1. A Kumar
    August 19, 2016 at 9:46 AM

    Dear Sir,

    I have recently begun to follow your news on the media and like many of us young people who work and live in the global environment full of turmoil and misinformation, I have certain questions and some misunderstandings about various issues.

    I am an Indian, who lives in Europe and am seeing first hand the inconvenience of being mistaken for an Islamist just because of my beard and brown skin. I am not a Muslim. The very idea of separatism stems from the fact that we humans see the diversity as the reason of differentiating things along various lines. The skin color has also dominated the scene with discrimination against the other colors and variations in the shades by the White population of the planet.

    My First question is:

    Doesn’t the non-acceptance by the western society play a role in pushing the immigrants into the lap of their own restricted system where they find the security and solace of known surroundings?

    I am also aware, that this certainly does not justify the kind of reaction that Muslims are generating in the west. The non-acceptance or racial and ethnic rejection, say for instance in UK, is also the same for Polish or non-Muslim population from the subcontinent. However, they do not indulge in kind of “Jihad” which is brought about on the west by the immigrant Muslim population.

    My second question is:

    What do you think about the intellectual impotency of Indian elite or the so called English speaking castrated baboos? I have rarely seen an Indian intellectual coming out with a powerful and analytic critique about Quran or Bible. Even the so called leftists do not dare touch this subject with a Mile long stick. Why do you think is this mental lethargy that loves to beat the long dead Hindu “dog” with the stick but recoils when it comes to burning issues of the present world that relates to Islam? Why is apologetic stance taken by most of the Indian “intellectuals”? Isn’t is a form of cowardice on their part. Well, maybe they will disagree because there is a “Cow” in coward. 😀

    For an instance I paste a link to the following Blog:


    Don’t you think…


    it speaks a lot about moral bankruptcy and intellectual fluffiness. The thing is that it seems to be a fashion to sound politically correct and go with the media flow.

    Third question:

    Isn’t bringing up the Baloch issue now a tit for tat rather than really feeling for those suffering? Is Kashmiri suffereing the same way as Baloch? Is there a difference?

    and finally observation about the CPI in India:

    I read somewhere CPI (M) being referred to as the Chamcha Party of India. You pretty well know why. I mean Marx came up with Marxism, Lenin had his Leninism, Mao had his Maoism…where is Surjitism or Yechuriwad? The are just bhahde ke tattoo who just like to waddle in the glare of being “intellectual” and “progressive” while doing nothing original or coming up with a new model for India.

  2. Lisha Dawar
    September 30, 2016 at 2:24 AM

    Sir, you said that people of pakistan consider Mahmud Ghazni as their hero, but I read that he fell in love with his slave, therefore he was a homosexual. So why homosexuality is considered as a punishable act according to Islam? Moreover, why do they consider him as their hero?
    Sir, you are the ray of hope which makes us believe that truth still exists for common people, I am highly inspired by you and respect you a lot, Thanks for making our life easier.

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