4 comments for ““Pakistan is an impure land. Living in it is like living in a Brothel” – The late Balochistan leader, Khair Baksh Marri

  1. hindusthani
    April 23, 2017 at 1:24 PM

    Sir,pakistan should be renamed as napakistan. Each province of pakistan has become napaksitan.balochistan has become napak because it has become killing field for punjabi army where rape/kidnap/loot/murder is very common. pashtunistan has become napak because of taliban and heinous bacha bazi cult,punjab is napak because it has become global hub of islamic terrorists,sindh became napak because of mohajirs .now rangers needed to control karachi.

  2. Dean
    April 29, 2017 at 10:54 AM


  3. Asif
    April 30, 2017 at 1:21 AM

    Dear Hindustani,

    Hello, again.

    Misbegotten, yes; Ill conceived certainly; Corrupt to the core, you bet; but, a brothel like, would be stretching it to crazy ridiculous. Obviously the old man is upset when this footage, on display above, was recorded. Here is the point: there are many nationalistic movements across the world that are currently brewing and looking to go their own way in a sort of rarified ethnic purity. Imagine if there could be such a thing as pure race left anymore in this world of ours? If you do, then I have a bridge somewhere to sell you. But for many, such aspirations of separation is but a little more than a wishful thinking. Imagine if you will, the dog that has caught the car?

    Geography alone is a great impediment, at least for now, with the mindset of the general mankind in the way of realizing the “self-determination.” In the case of Baluchistan its peculiar geography makes for its formation not only problematic for the Pakistanis (for the obvious reason i.e., the old Domino Theory signifying if one domino falls then it insures that the remaining three or whatever will soon fall as well.) but for the Iranians. A good chunk of contiguous Baluchistan lies in the adjacent Iran who would immediately clamor soon after the formation of the country Baluchistan to join in with there brethren; which would in turn make for a rather circumscribed Iran, and would that be tolerable to the old Persian pride? I think not. I’m not saying that it isn’t possible in the realm of possibilities, but rather on the contrary, I can visualize a whole hosts of nation-states croping up from the ashes of conflict-zones (at least three in the bloody aftermath of Bashar’s Syria) and yet others forming for absolutely the silliest of reasons i.e. the city state of Singapore (the muslim Malay people in order to keep Malaysia ethnically Malay granted the Chinese to carve out a city out of Malaysia. Wild? For weirder things have happened in our crazy world: A free standing Baluchistan in its entirety and a free standing Kurdistan respectively also in its entirety, and for that matter a free Catalan or Basque nations out of Spain or even Scotland out of U.K., sure, sure, sure sure and sure. Why not, but a muslim majority? Defeats the purpose.

    Having lived 42 years of my sixty years in the U.S. I think all such State-wannabes seriously ought to consider suing to become, first territories of U.S.A., our loveliest experiment man has ever devised to live relatively peacefully, with harmony, and with the maximum of freedom ever accorded to man ever. And what is more is that anybody can call himself an American (its requirement pledge allegiance to the Constitution as the law of the land.) Self determination is I’m afraid oversold. Diversity makes for a very exciting living: O’ Wow! Frisian, just thinking of the richness of mankind, energetic: I wouldn’t dream of living in anywhere else, it wouldn’t be supportable for a civilized living. (The whole world is represented here and I kid you not.) Cockpit of the world, flying you’ll, all o’ y’all.

    Glaring fact, absolutely the elephant in the china-shop that is being overlooked is the persistent fact that is an un-reformed Islam in the hands of muslims, (I would rather think a monkey with a switch-blade would do less harm to himself or his mates surrounding him) is never conducive to forming nation states. Islam is, as the great presumption would have it, [the] Complete Way of Life, really: ’Tis totalitarian. Utterly incompatible with the west. And it doesn’t appear muslims adopting the Secular for the temporal realm. Sadly they have bought in to the Sharia,as their be all and end all, which is all bunkum, made up, has to be, for it was written some 200 years past the death of the Prophet.

    If you disagree, then Oh boy: Your back is against the wall and get prepared to become a human sieve. So, any time you have muslims demanding a state of their own: Shudder I and so should you or any rational individual for that is a sure recipe for the making of disaster. So summarily no, to all such entities: Palestine included (land for peace is DUMB,) and should be relocated in Jordan where they truly belong leave the tiny Israel intact, please.

    Finally Mr Hinduthani, count Pakistan’s coming into being a blessing (if I may add, one quite providential) as it turns out. Imagine the ratio between the Hindu and muslims without Pakistan (including Bangladesh), perhaps, quite conceivably a ratio of 50:50, and if you think communal strife to be bad now, can you imagine the blood bath that would prevail as each side would pursue, I mean literally a perpetual war of attrition to finish. India needed in actuality precisely the kind of India however circumscribed, ended up in the aftermath of the Partition, giving Hindu a solid predominant ratio of 80:20 to dictate terms favorable (in the British inherited system of secularist India possible, within reason I’d add post haste.) India needed a long overdue respite from the strong arm tactics of the various interlopers, mainly the Islamic kind, for they were the more pernicious in comparison. Wounded India needed time to heal, time to find its mojo, or to reacquaint their past lost glory. I believe India is well on her way to becoming yet agin a glorious civilization it had been in numerous times in the past intermittently in its long history.

    And Pakistan, with its built in predisposition, Islam, with its source code DNA fixed as if written in concrete ain’t going no where fast. I fully expect it to eventually fall apart and in pieces will eventually collapse back into the orbit of India as fully own subsidiary or as its natural satellites.

    Above all Pakistan had to be made for yours truly would not have come into being; and I would not have been able to escape at the age of 18 to Canada; and subsequently making my way finally into the glorious country of mine USA; finding lovely English (mahila, as you’d put it in India) mate. You see the whole cosmogony had to be altered for my progeny to be Americans (by birth.) We, here in the U.S.A. have a written Constitution, that insures that some things are rendered beyond subject to debates, rendered sacrosanct for all times, guaranteed: such as freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to pack heat among others that no dumb ugly twits like Iqra Khaled can challenge with their bogus M103s( would Gun Pay late fees satisfy?). It should be announced on all points bulletin that yours truly is the greatest Islam-o-phobe that ever walked the surface of this earth. Lately it has become my very own cause celebre to denounce Sharia supremacists and radical Islamists or if you will Islam-o-fascists.
    Jai Ho! U.S.A. I thank you most sincerely for getting my fingers pounding feverishly on the keyboard.



    P.S. Kindly please continue instigating: It’s working.

  4. Joginder
    August 3, 2017 at 7:31 AM

    Muslims of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are our brothers. They are in fact victims of Islamic aggression and are the descendants of Hindu and Buddhist women who were raped and enslaved by Arabs and Turks and forced to become Muslims. It is high time they revert back to their ancestor’s culture by adapting the Sanatana way of life and start living a civilized life. http://sanatanadharmatheuniversalreligion.blogspot.in/

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