Remembering Auschwitz 70 years after its liberation by the Red Army

In March 2010, the Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre invited a group of Canadians to visit Auschwitz and other death and concentration camps in Poland. It had a deep impact on me and made me re-commit myself to fight the forces of hate, supremacist racial ideologies, religious bigotry and of course Islamofascism. Here are some pictures from that trip with friends who were equally moved by the experience. Below, I am flanked by Toronto police chief Bill Blair and York Regional Police head Armand La Barge.


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  1. Ramesh
    January 28, 2015 at 1:07 AM

    It is so clear that we the people, who evolved into humans with a fluke of nature, have been a source of development, science, technology, philosophy and Religons, have also been very cruel to the nature and have not been able to shed our innate animal nature of killing our own kind besides all others.

    Some of us in the human race even deny the existence and cruelty of holocaust in recent memory and many other holocausts in historical times particularly by the Islamic invaders as well as the so called civilized colonizers.

    The despicable acts of cruelty by the ISIS shown worldwide seem to have matched the old days of holocaust of Hindus by the Islamic invaders, who used to rob, loot, kill and take
    slaves to sell in Damascus as described from historical records by Will and Ariel Durant in Chapter 11 of the “History of Civilization”.

    There is no doubt there are many good people in Islam who may abhor and or condemn this kind of despicable acts. But even the existence of such acts in any religion or community is itself not human in the 21st century. We have evolved into civilized societies despite all our past crimes of innate animal nature. The fundamentalists of any religion, who believe in cruelty and killing, do not belong to the human race in this century despite all the scientific and philosophical advances all over the world.

    It is time we learn from the Holocaust which occurred where millions of Jews and many others were gassed or killed by any means. Violence and cruelty is not human trait. We must not allow anyone to profess otherwise and use cruel and despicable means to achieve their heinous demands, no matter how justified they may consider them.

    Another Holocaust can be eliminated only if the West wakes up and realizes that the poison of fundamentalism has penetrated in its society and can not be eradicated by ordinary means. Compulsory secular education of all kids only can solve this problem in the long run. BandAid type solutions are not likely to work . Islamism / fundamentalism / insistence of supremacy of one religion over the other and even the laws of the society is no worse than Fascism.

    Time has come to all the nations to unite and all the good Muslims to condemn neutralize the poison of fundamentalism which goes against the laws of democratic societies all over the world.

  2. punk
    February 5, 2015 at 1:56 AM

    Mr. Fatah, I am a young indian hindu, I have been following ur work for quite sometime now. when I look at Islamic society and growing radicalism in india. I cant make my mind on how to respond it. shall we fight fire with fire? shall we face what we faced during Islamic invasions? another series of hindu holocausts?

    Mr. fatah, the world did not tolerate Nazism, it was so vile that it was not allowed to exist even in any other form. why shud we tolerate islam? it has become a global menace. where lies the solution? I don’t think muslim society will ever see light. they are foot soldiers of fascism. did jews pleading to young Nazis helped them? did it make Nazis see the inhuman ways ? no….

    what choice do we hindus have? except fight or face annihilation? congress and left have failed us. they have become apologists. they look the other way when we are attacked.

    we hindus are wiped out in Pakistan, wiped out in Kashmir…

    ….how much more shud we take?? can we accommodate religious Nazism hoping one day it will mature??

    this is cancer Mr. Fatah, I disagree with ur approach.

    u are a rare breed of a tolerant muslim, but how many are there like u? one in a million?

    come to uttar Pradesh, look at the idiots who live in india and call themselves Pakistanis. look at those flying Pakistani flags during moharram, wearing isis t-shirts in broad daylight.

    hindu society is losing hope. counter-radicalization will be on its way. there is no other option left. there is no light. fighting will begin in darkness and perhaps one day end in light.

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