Terror Speaks: Inside Pakistan’s Terrorism Discourse & National Action Plan – P. Sahill

This article, employing a poststructuralist Critical Discourse Analysis, reveals cracks, discrepancies, and inconsistencies in Pakistan’s discourse on terrorism and practice.

Pamir Sahil argues that Pakistan continuously constructs a “monstrous enemy” and magnifies it in a way that conceals alternative representations of reality that could show that the state, by presenting itself as a victim of terrorism, is using phenomena of political violence to serve its political objectives inside and outside the boundaries of the state.

The article argues that after a militant attack on a school in northwest Pakistan, critical, liberal, and dissenting narratives mingled with the dominant state discourse in a fashion that strengthen illiberal practices in the country, thus undermining the ideals of democracy.

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The Terror Speaks Inside Pakistan s Terrorism Discourse and National Action Plan













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