The Threat of ISIS and Islamofascism in Canada: Andrew Nichols of CBC NewsWorld talks with Tarek Fatah

Andrew Nichols is host at CBC Newsworld where on Thursday, October 9, he interviewed Tarek Fatah about the threats Canada faces at the hands of pro-ISIS jihadists living among us.

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  1. Louis Farrakhan
    October 10, 2014 at 3:55 PM

    The unedited full-text of the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia
    Palestinian geographer; born at Flosz, Bavaria, Oct. 22, 1804; died at Jerusalem
    Feb. 5, 1865. When he was seventeen years old he graduated as teacher
    from the Königliches Schullehrerseminar of Colberg, after which he joined his brother Israel at the University of Würzburg, where for five years he devoted himself to the history and geography of the Holy Land, and published a map of Palestine (1829; republished at Vienna, 1831, and Triest, 1832). It was his ardent desire, however, to study in Palestine itself the physical history and geography of the Holy Land, where his knowledge of Talmudic sources and early Jewish writers would be of more service. Accordingly he decided to settle in Jerusalem, whither he went in 1833. Schwarz then began a series of journeys and explorations in various parts of Palestine, to which he devoted about fifteen years.
    The results of his investigations and researches into the history, geography, geology, fauna, and flora of that country have placed him in the front rank of Palestinian explorers and geographers. HE IS THE GREATEST JEWISH AUTHORITY ON PALESTINIAN MATTERS SINCE ESTORI FARHI (1282-1357), the author of “Kaftor wa-Feraḥ.”

    (Be sure to Google this article)
    614-1096 C.E.
    From the Accession of the Mahomedans to that of the Europeans.

    By Rabbi Joseph Schwarz, 1850

    Rabbi Shallum, son of the then Resh Gelutha, in Babel, aka Abu Bachr al Chaliva al Zadik, Abu Bakr, the first Caliph, was in fact: [A JEWISH RABBI] Rabbi Shallum, son of the then Resh Gelutha, in Babel, perceiving this dreadful predicament, went to Mahomed, and offering him his submission, friendship, and services, endeavoured to enter with him into a friendly compact. Mahomed accepted his proposition with pleasure, conceived a great affection for him, and took his daughter, a handsome young girl (A 6 YEAR OLD CHILD), for wife; he made him also a general in his army, and gave him the name of Abu Bachr al Chaliva al Zadik, literally:

    The father of the maiden, the descendant of the righteous; this means, that of all his wives, who were either widows or divorced women, this one was the only one who had never been married before, and then she was the granddaughter of the celebrated chief of the captivity; therefore, the descendant of the righteous. This occurrence induced Mahomed to give up his terrible intention to destroy the Jews in his country, and thus did Rabbi Shallum save his people.


    [Why Muhammad hated alcohol]

    Abu Bachr and Aliman now resolved among themselves to remove the dangerous enemy of the Jews, Bucheran. One evening Mahomed, Bucheran, Aliman, and Abu Bachr, were drinking together; the latter two soon saw that Mahomed and the astrologer were strongly intoxicated, and lay stretched out in a deep and profound sleep. Abu Bachr thereupon drew the sword of Mahomed from its scabbard, cut off therewith Bucharan’s head, and put the bloody sword back into its receptacle, and both then lay themselves down quietly near Mahomed to sleep. When Mahomed awoke and saw his friend lying decapitated near him, he cried out in a fury: “This terrible deed has been done by one of us three in our drunkenness!” Abu Bachr thereupon said quite unconcernedly: “Let each one draw his sword, and he whose weapon is stained with blood, must needs be the murderer!” They all drew their swords, and that of Mahomed was completely dyed with fresh blood, which proved thus clearly to his satisfaction that he had murdered his friend. He was greatly grieved at this discovery; cursed and condemned the wine which was the cause of this murder, and swore that he never would drink any more, and that also no one should do so who wishes to enter heaven. This is the cause why wine is prohibited to the Mahomedans.

    At a later period, Mahomed learned the whole transaction, and that his father-in-law was the perpetrator of the bloody deed; wherefore, he lost his favour, and he would not permit him to come before him. Abu Bachr went thereupon and conquered sixty places, which had not yet submitted to Mahomed, and presented them to him, through which means he became again reconciled to him, was received in favour, and remained thereafter at court.

  2. October 12, 2014 at 2:55 AM

    Beware TF, they may behead you first!?

  3. Nyaz Mustafa
    October 15, 2014 at 12:47 AM

    I totally agree with his opinion.I wish Canadian Government listen to his and other people advice how to deal with this islam-fascismo-phobia.I born as a muslim,but when i read islamic text versus totally absurd with all my respect to all muslim believers.Unfortunately most or muslim people are not Arabs,that is the main problem.,and when you read the translation to your native language ,never ever find the exact translation.which is make you difficult to understand or you will have different interpretation of the text ,which made by islamic clerics who knows english or other non -arab translation to make the Holy book good as God’s words.

    But when i start reading Holly book (quran) in my language plus i know arabic language in some degree as %80, i found out more that myth copy texts from old ancient texts plus Greek mythology,Caldenian ,Asurion Nestorian ,Zoroastrian (Persian versus.).You will find in so many pages in Holly book contradiction,violence hatethreate ,image of horror when come to describe Hell, the Quran or let say other way these texts ,which after his death been collected by Othman are design especially for Arabs in desert, who have harsh live dry climate hot, kill to survive, talking about Heaven, which is cool there, shade no sun full of fruits and river and a lot a lot of virgin girls angels, every time you do sex with them they are become virgin again, and when you sick and tired of women then you can have a sweet boys that you can play with them and you can do any thing with these sweet pre-teen boys even sex with them.

    Islamic religion teach hate jewish ,hate christians hate non muslims hate and kill every one who can not accept islam as it.

    Most of the time i ashem that i an part of this culture,i change my kids their last name and first school at home how you teach your kids ,what kind of kids and gentleman you want to be your kids when they grow up, i start tell them what is bad and what is good around ,i am sure fundamental islamic families here abroad teaching their kids fanatics and hatethreate against others that is why they grow up as fanatics trust me !

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