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  1. OMKAR
    January 14, 2015 at 8:48 PM

    Kudos to you for reproducing the latest issue of Charlie Hebdo. I dont understand whats so offensive about the image of Prophet Mohammed.You have more balls than New York Times.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Omar Nakib
    January 15, 2015 at 2:27 AM

    You have surprised me by your way of thinking and seeing things and particularly when it comes to injustice perpetrated by the West against Islam and Muslims.

    I suppose, you as an educated Muslim resident in the West, you are supposed to think more objectively and in an logical manner to contribute to lift the injustice on Islam and Muslims all over the world, and insulting to the Prophet Muhammad, rather than re-publish images that are offensive to the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

    I think it’s better for you to reconsider your approach to the problem and your vision of the situation, I mean the fact that the situation of Western Muslims and their relationship to what happened in France. I think the problem derives not from a terrorist act, but it has some relationship with the Western apprehensive of the future of Europe with Islam, which began to spread rapidly, threatening all the projects developed by the Europeans to besiege the European youth converted to Islam after all philosophies failed to answer different European youth questions relating to the spiritual needs of human nature and of religion, truth of existence, destiny and eternal life, and before all the historical divorce between morality and different walks of life.

    I think you’re aware of Western strategic studies which expect transformation of Europe and in particular, some countries such as France and Germany to Muslim countries on the basis of the tragic turning back of many young people in these countries to Islam as a refuge from meaningless material life they were experiencing in the West. This is the truth behind all this phenomenon, which they made and named Islamic terrorism and in my opinion is not true.

    Finally, I invite you as a brother to reconsider the way you think about this dilemma.

    Dr. Omar Nakib

  3. Mallik Arjuna SHARMA
    January 17, 2015 at 12:12 PM

    Dr Omar Nakib may better note that any religion and any community culture has to keep pace with changing times and cannot and should not stick to its old rigid customs, traditions, etc. which have become a big fetter and burden for its progress as also to the rest of humanity.

    Mohammed may have been progressive in some respects to the pre-Islamic nomadic Arab culture but also regressive in some respects, especially in hating polytheism and other cults and also in concentrating on jihads to spread his message and religion, and his gory treatment of Jews, etc.

    So, any reformer – radical or moderate – has to start reformation or renaissance with the criticism and even mockery of this prophet himself to be true to liberal and libertarian values.

    Anyway, Dr Omar should be aware that depiction of Mohammed’s figure was not a crime, let alone an apostate act or sacrilege, even in early Islamic times as a number of paintings of that period, officially encouraged and exhibited, show. So, if some journals make a mockery of Mohammed – especially if they are by Non-Muslims – there is no need for Muslim orthodox to be so irate and exhibit unconditional jerks.

    They should learn to take it all as a part of the game for securing and enjoying more and more freedom of speech and expression in modern times, which includes freedom to offensive speech even. As a last resort, in extreme cases of hate speech and hate arts, there are statutory provisions for stringent or needed action against those miscreants committing such offences as indicated in the law of the land [in which they reside] and they should take to that option rather than resort to shooting and shouting like wild demons.

  4. Nakib
    January 22, 2015 at 6:55 AM

    First, thank you for your polite comment.

    Such a virtue, I see, is an essential condition for continuing the positive path to a mutual understanding. But it seems that Mr. Malik did not pay attention to an important issue in this matter. This issue is the nature of the Islamic religion, and how should we understand it, and how we deal with in everyday life we as Muslims.

    It is no a secret to you, as a Muslim man that this religion is distinguished from other religions since the Almighty God has saved it from distortion and switch. I would like to assure you that the issue of freedom of expression is sacred in our religion for all people, whatever their religion. But the problem that is causing confusion among many people, Muslims and non-Muslims, is: How should we understand the principle of freedom of expression?

    And how do we ‘’enjoy’’ this freedom? What are the limits of this freedom? Where this freedom begins and where it ends? What are the conditions that guarantee freedom for all and mutual respect between people. I think you agree with me that the mutual respect between people is a basic requirement to ensure the coexistence of people on this Earth. For example, if anyone comes and insult your mother or your father, how do you react? Do you keep looking at him with admiration, approval and satisfaction!

    On the other hand, Also, do you think that changing times means that we must change our beliefs accordingly. I do not think so. I think that you are aware of the nature of the Islamic creed especially belief in the Prophet (PBUH ). It seems to me that this kind of thinking is sound. I remind you that we must distinguish between customs and tradions, and the principal tenets of our Islamic creed as prescribed by revelation.

    Based on the above, we have to first agree on the concept of religion and religiosity and then discuss the issue of freedom of expression and how we practice. Then, I would like to ask you and hope you provide a clear answer: Why when it comes to the criticism of Jews by Muslims or others, or non-recognition of the Holocaust such an opinion is seen as an attack on the freedom and anti-Semitic and tried in the international courts? Why when it comes to crimes of Jews in Palestine they will told us: this self-defense?

    I think you yourselves Muslims living in the West you have the opportunities and the obligation to explain and clarify the principles of Islam to these people clearly and correctly.

    Dr Omar Nakib

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