Vatican: After Church Bombing, Organs of Dead Pakistani Christians Being Stolen

The Vatican news agency Agenzia Fides is reporting a horrific crime taking place in Pakistan where not only hundreds of Christians were killed in a church bombing, but now it is feared the dead were stripped off their organs by paramedics that were then then sold on the illegal organ trade black market.

Here is the report.

Agenzia Fides

KARACHI  (Agenzia Fides) – After the bombs in the Church of All Saints in Peshawar, the situation remains tense in the Pakistani society: not only tragedy but also horror.

The Christians said they were “horrified” by the rumors that link the bombs in Peshawar to the vast problem of organ trafficking: this is what some members of NGOs in civil society in Pakistan told Fides. Some of the “jackals”, presumably local paramedics, seem to have taken advantage of the high number of deaths and injuries in order to steal the bodies of victims and exploit them for the illegal organ trade.

“If this were true, it would mean that there are criminals who are taking advantage of the suffering of Christian victims in a truly blasphemous and sacrilegious manner”, notes Fr. Mario Rodrigues, a priest of Karachi. “We call for a serious investigation on behalf of the police”, he concludes.

Pakistan enacted a law to regulate organ transplants in 2010, to shake off its reputation as a “destination leader” for transplant tourism and to stop the illegal trafficking of human organs. After the approval of the law, the illicit traffic slowed down, but in 2011 many cases of illegal transplants emerged again. Last July, given the data of a “thriving business”, the Supreme Court issued directives asking the provincial government to take action and enforce the law.

According to police investigations, 42 medical facilities engaged in illegal organ transplants have been identified in Punjab. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 27/09/2013)

2 comments for “Vatican: After Church Bombing, Organs of Dead Pakistani Christians Being Stolen

  1. Iftikhar Ahmad Bashir
    September 28, 2013 at 1:38 PM

    This whole article is based on assumptions or fears as there is not a single case reported about this. Moreover we all know that in Pakistan majority of the paramedics belongs to the christen community and if there was any truth attached to this presumption they should have agitated or reported the same.

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