To access a number of videos that may be of interest and may help you understand the scourge of Islamic Terrorism and Armed Jihad, please visit my Vimeo site. Click here and browse.

Other Videos…

  1. Aussie Mussie Rage!

  2. Ban the Burka: Tarek Fatah on Sun TV

  3. Everything you wanted to know about Sex in Paradise, but were too afraid to ask


 Muslim Child Brides Seeking Divorce 

Part One on BBC Arabic TV

 Muslim Child Brides Seeking Divorce 

Part Two on BBC Arabic TV


 World CounterTerrorism Summit:
A Panel Discussion on Israel’s 102.6 FM


Arab on Arab Atrocity in Syria

This amateur video shows the Syrian opposition throwing postal workers from the roof of a captured building. These are the barbarians Obama is going to support when he bombs Syria.

Chatting with Michael Coren about Amr Kassem, the “Canadian” killed in Egypt

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