WARNING – Graphic Video: ISIS Jihadis behead a Muslim youth declared ‘Kaafir’

This is how Islamic Terrorists fighting jihad in the name of Allah and Islam deal with Muslims who they castigate as Islamophobic and thus Blasphemers.

CAUTION: Do not watch if you cannot handle gory bloodshed.

9 comments for “WARNING – Graphic Video: ISIS Jihadis behead a Muslim youth declared ‘Kaafir’

  1. Awadhesh P Singh
    April 21, 2017 at 10:05 AM

    ISIS is a blot to the humanity. Really fail to understand mindset of members of ISIS and other terrorist organizations. Unfortunately several muslim countries are running factories to manufacture terrorists. Pakistan has now become a failed state. It will survive till it gets financial aids from some countries like USA, China, Saudi Arabia etc..

  2. Dianne
    April 21, 2017 at 5:10 PM

    Good to see you again in good health
    Keep up all the dedicated work you do for moderate Canadian Muslims who want to live as we all do within this integrated society.

  3. rk singh
    April 22, 2017 at 3:40 AM

    Tarekji, Moderate Muslims have a simple answer- “the people beheading prisoners are not real Muslims. Islam does not preach this”. After this every discussion or effort to correct is put on a stop.

  4. Asif
    April 22, 2017 at 2:29 PM

    Dear rk singh,

    Well said rk singh! After this, we must quit saying that there’s such a thing as “moderate muslims” because the term itself is a gross contradiction that has prevented us from confronting the problem of terrorism endemic to Islam, only. That we could hardly find any other group comparable elsewhere in the world to match the sheer grotesque savagery of the Islamic Jahiliya.

    The so called “moderate muslims,” a contradiction in terms if there ever was any. That they are decidedly going against the practices insisted by the Quranic scripture on every muslim, wouldn’t the term heretic be more appropriate? The”moderate” muslims suppress those edicts because they are being very bad muslims indeed, prime candidates for the summary executions by the faithful, the true, specially the zealots who practice a peculiar sort of Islam, strictly by the book, unadulterated by the civil niceties that one is compelled to abide by in order to live peaceably and with civility in an increasingly multi ethnic, multi religious societies of our times. We must also recognize, however, those muslims who reject some of the harsher edicts of their religion in order to get on with life, as good neighbors and as good citizens.

    We should also recognize the fact of the inherent evil of these two sects (I have in mind the obvious two: the Wahabbis and the Salafists,) strictly adhering to the Sharia nonsense with an absurd claim to authenticity: however ridiculous, dumb, evil, and barbaric – written a mere two-hundred years after the prophet’s death? They, the adherents (savages, really) of these sects practice it by the book. Thick, absolutely they are.

    Civilized societies must declare these two, outlaw sects, for they kill with impunity like any deadly virus. It is high time that we should remove their adherents from the civilized world: Nothing less than the full eradication will do of these two death-cults masquerading as religions.

    The source is Saudi Arabia, from here that we trace the origins of these deadly obscurantists sects. Follow the money, its funding.

    Shall we call muslims that are “moderate” with a better appellation that is meaningful or rather to the point that helps to diagnose the true problem in Islam: I propose: Reformed-muslims. Would you not agree?

  5. hindusthani
    April 23, 2017 at 12:42 PM

    Sir,some people claim islamic terrorism in the world is started with wahabism.But wahabism started only in 18th century.Medieval cruel muslim kings/invaders like timur,abdali,nadir shah,gazni,ghori,khalid bin walid,sikandar butshikan,mohamed bin qasim,aurangazeb,babur,tipu sultan and many others were worse than today’s isis terrorists.Why blame only wahabism for terrorism.Which sect of islam these muslim terrorist kings/invaders were following when wahabism was not even there?

  6. Asif
    April 23, 2017 at 4:08 PM

    Dear Hindustani,

    In a way you Sir. are right, that the hallmark of Imperialism by violent conquest has long been an abiding tendency of the adherents of Islam pretty much from the outset. The reasons I stated so emphatically that today and in our modern times that very instinct of the Sharia supremacists or if you will the radical Islam’s distillation has come down to being the embodiment of the sects of Wahabis and the Salafists, the very ones that go strictly by the book.

    However their lineage can be traced to the infamous Kharijites of the 900s AD who at the time had stood the winners of the debate that was held against the forces of modernization known as the Mutazelites (essentially those that engage in Ijtehad, an Arabic word for seeking to interpret Quran to suit the modern times or needs as they may arise and to down-play some of the harsher edicts in Quran by way of accentuating the positives.) Well the mellow Mutazelites had stood defeated in the debate and all their laborious handiwork, books and papers burned or destroyed, and ever since then the defending silence is all one hears and there is no inquiry in Islam. All literature produced in the world of Islam is strictly for the consumption of the bearded Jahiliya that nobody can read for it’s so specialized that you’ve exhausted everything and have come down to the bottom of things; everyone knows that there’s really nothing there and guess what you’ve ended up specializing in: Zero. Voila, Imam. The holy Quran is all you get with the Kharijites as in their modern incarnation as represented in those two savage sects I have mentioned above.

    We are currently reengaging in that old debate. I thank God. Once more, “Is faith enough?” or “Does faith requires the buttressing wider education i.e., in liberal arts?” And it looks as though our side has a fair chance of wining; for, really there are no alternatives, after one thousand years and counting, currently in the Dark Age: For good always prevails (it has to) over evil in the end. Death to the Jahiliya! Death to taking God’s word literally (as self appointed executioner without even the semblance of the monkey courts)! Welcome, the Reformation to Islam. We can’t have a billion plus whatever peoples in Islam untethered, dumb, raw, un-marinated and thus retarded forever, can we? We need to have to energize the muslim masses of Jahiliya like Iqra Khaled to be more than just the passive recipients of all the ravishing innovative modern fruits of progress of the inspired western sciences and technology. After all aren’t we just getting ready with our seat belts fastened out here in the west at the Command Centre and at the verge of a takeoff in to an IA (Information Age.) We can’t have one in seven thus retarded: insisting upon the supremacy of what? Sharia? Don’t be ridiculous (with that apocryphal document, my short answer.)

    Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to further elucidate my plea to rid Islam of these two pernicious cults whose adherents burn in envy against modernization thus against west. Would you not agree with me that those two deserve those darling disintegrating behemoths MOAB? IA

    (IA) Sincerely,


    • hindusthani
      April 23, 2017 at 11:49 PM

      Dear Asif,
      these 2 sects may be spreading more terror now a days but other islamic sects are not peaceful either.Do you know how much peaceful Safavid conversion of sunni Iran to Shia Iran ?,Do you think shia ayatollah’s of iran who do not follow these 2 sects are not islamic radicals?,what about shia Hezbollah?,do you know how shia Bahmani sultanate kings of central india would set a quota of 100,000 hindus to kill yearly as a rule?

  7. Asif
    April 24, 2017 at 7:11 PM

    Dear Hindustani,
    Alas, I haven’t any, responses; to all the evidence you present and ’tis impossible can’t be done to rebut the obvious and the true characterization of what is inherent to Islam: Sadistic Savage Violence. The goddamned Sharia supremacist borne of the religious chauvinism. A typical muslim who happens to make for an ideal poster child of Jahiliya and yet cocksure as hell in the supremacy of the truth his religion offers: based on nothing more than his bald in drunk swagger of faith. Go figure?

    However, prior to the tenth century AD Islam did enjoy a period of its own renaissance under the tutelage of the Mutazelite, where it’s said that in all the major cities of the Islamic world there were established intellectual power houses in same row or streets where it was common to see debates and arguments between all three major religions, the Jewish, the Islamic, and the Christian. There was inter-religion competition cross-polinating and learning from each other. One could speculate had the Mutazelites been able to prevail things might have evolved in more peaceful directions? But yea Ho na succor. Please forgive me, once again, for indulging in if this than that, mere futile speculations on my part.

    Islam in its current state in utterly insupportable: Utter and complete Jahiliya, Sunni keya Shia Hamas keya Hisbollah, all crap, pieces of the same excrement, turd. I’m seriously finding Hindu all too sexy right about now. Send me some of your sweetest bhajuns for I’m ripe to get myself reacquainted with my ancient ancestors. Well, shan’t I? Or Shanti Ho.



    P.S. Loved chatting with you, Sir. May God keep us all in His blessings.

  8. April 25, 2017 at 1:56 PM

    There was a stall in town a few weekends ago manned by several Muslims (no women). Banners over it said things like “Islam doesn’t condone terrorism or murder etc”

    I can’t remember if it said murder if innocent people (which could conveniently be interpreted as meaning non-Muslims aren’t innocent so..)

    But let’s assume these were brave Muslims standing up to the extremists of their own faith. One thing still bothered me.. Another sign on the stall said “there is no truth, except that which comes from Allah”

    I don’t know why a stall telling us how moderate Islam is needed to say this, but the fact is it is a rather extreme thing to say. The whole religion comes across as fanatical and intolerant.

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