While the Sydney Islamist has taken hostages, he is not the only Aussie jihadist. Others have joined ISIS

The Sydney hostage taker is not the only Aussie Jihadist. Meet Abu Khalid! In this chilling footage published on YouTube, a white Sydney-born Muslim convert Abdullah Elmir, 17, calls himself ‘Abu Khaled from Australia’ and is seen flanked by other militants.

Speaking directly to the camera, the jihadist tells Western leaders their efforts to defeat ISIS will fail, adding that the terrorists aim to raise their black flag over Buckingham Palace and the White House.

When he disappeared from his home in Bankstown, west Sydney, in June, Elmir reportedly told his mother he was ‘going fishing’ but never returned. Now, after seeing him in the video, relatives have branded him a ‘stupid idiot’, adding that he has been ‘brainwashed’.

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