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  1. Mary Taylor
    May 6, 2017 at 6:07 PM

    I sincerely wish that subtitles would appear for those of use who know no other language than English. Otherwise, it is an exercise in futility when I wished to know exactly was “said”.

    • Asif
      May 7, 2017 at 2:08 AM

      Dear Ms. Taylor,

      Every time i view Tarek’s show, it’s always cringe inducing, it’s horror to witness the sheer muslim maddening Jahiliya. It never ceases to amaze me the Sisyphean task that is being shouldered by our intrepid hero week after week. It’s always with mixed feelings for the Jahiliya has classified into this long enduring scab that is being dislodged for it’s being scrutinized by Tarek et al.

      The disparity of the fundamental knowledge between Tarek on the one hand and his guests on the other is vast, which makes for always awkward and often obnoxious clashes that are painful to endure. So, in a way Ms. Taylor rejoice in the fact that Tarek is avoiding furnishing the English subtitles.

      I’m afraid we are in it for the long haul, in my estimate fifty years at least if not more before this flotsam finds a safe harbor? You see faith alone without the buttressing support of a broad based western style education that is both wide and deep over at least two to three generations is required before the wound begins to heal. Islam is the religion of violence, muslims are people stuck with the religion that hasn’t had the Reformation of its own yet.

      Here’s to hoping that your wish is never granted: The Horror!



      • nidhintr
        May 7, 2017 at 4:04 AM

        will you anchor the show next time ?…Congrats for speaking out…

        • Asif
          May 8, 2017 at 2:19 AM


          I would love to, but with a few conditions:

          1) No one-trick ponies i.e. your run of the mill mullahs with knowledge of Islam only, that no one is actually interested in learning outside that muftidom. I would invite those muslims that have majored in liberal arts or the classics. Those, that have clear ideas toward reforming the religion from within, for example they are not afraid to offer such solutions as to declaring that Islam does not allow for hierarchical structure therefore we should do away with the class of clerics from claiming the mantel of leadership. Also, the presumption that Islam is The Perfection, it has everything addressed for both the earthly realm and the spiritual realm? When that clearly isn’t so: Just look around find one exception where muslims are a majority and there prevails blissful peace? Why, we must address that Islam is truly a religion of [V]iolence not peace and that there’s nothing wrong with the muslims it’s their religion.

          2) Pajama shalwar (as they are unisex must be the subject of the most abject scorn) wearing gents are not welcome, as well as man-dresses, those long shirts that are obligatory with shalwar, for they are effectively announcements of the characteristic title well earned as being an utter low life, for they are not conducive to properly work with alertness necessary. And, we can’t have that.

          3) Chewing beetel-nut by itself or with the accompaniment of pawn with or without condiments is a no go, for it’s aside from being a disgusting habit it requires the partaker to intermittently squeeze out a bead of that awful reddish spittle that we are not in anyway prepared to provide the proper implement of spittoons appropriately placed for that purpose. Also, we don’t want to give Tarek an excuse to sing that awful aphorism that he’s so fond of: Sir pay topie, hath may lota, munh may pawn: Hanh-jee banakay rahengay hum Pakistan. No can do! We can’t allow that. Period.

          4) There won’t be an age discrimination nor will there be any discrimination tolerated based on gender; however, we insist the permanent panel members must have a proven track record of a well established sense of humor in their respective communities, being that India is so vast. Since we are proposing a permanent panel of four experts. as seated in twos on either sides of the host (myself), As it was with the Mc Laughlin Group here in the lovely U.S.A. as we’ll tackle four issues per episode weekly.

          5) No live audience for they would only prove to be a distraction with their desire to registering their praise or censure with unnecessary and equally unwelcome noise

          Since i won’t be contesting any popularity contest I’ll be attempting to solicit the viewership that is top-drawer by any measure, for our posture is to impress the hierarchs as we will be geared toward the elders’s of their respective families and communities, the literates the educated therefore the opinion makers to help us bring about the change from the top down, That we believe is the only way civility travels, never from the bottoms up.

          So forget ratings, the forever race to the bottoms is not our show is going to be all about. The necessary funding we’ll procure from the corporate magnets, vested interests, the think tanks and other various institutions for profit or non-profit those that care to put our India on the “map”, of kicking butts and taking names! Or at least not have the equivalent of the entire population of the United States dumb and retarded as muslims are threatening to be if go un-checked? I ask you can we allow that?

          And our aim will be to explicitly to campaign toward thoroughly discrediting the Saudi affliction of such cults as Wahhabism/Salafists that are masquerading as religions and over the long run with the announced aim to have these cults declared as such therefore outside any protections from the state as legitimate religions.

          Since this will be a brand new experiment of its kind, we will declare from the outset with the proper codicil that there will sure to follow many more provisions as we’ll come to meet them in due course as they would warrant or make themselves known, we’ll retain the rights to amend, change, add or subtract in part or whole bylaws as we deem fit or necessary.

          How is that for starters? Please feel free to jump in, after all ’tis an open period: I’m full on taking requests. May the good God keeps us all in His blessings, for we’re gonna need ‘em as always,

          Yours truly

          • shan chinraj
            May 14, 2017 at 1:17 PM

            i agree with u… but i am glad he is back in canada 🙂 we need him here too u know 🙂

    • Seraphima
      May 31, 2017 at 8:38 PM

      I have emailed and tweeted as well to Tarek and his daughter about the same subject, Mary….gotten no response yet and now i see why because of the season’s end. I think what Asif, below, is not understanding yet is that many activists like myself would like to study Tarek’s style of moderating the show; if someone is afraid of the impression the ignorance of the speakers is making, then he should pitch in as best he can towards the cause and help his own people in his own particular (and maybe smaller) way.

  2. Sury Mukherjee
    May 6, 2017 at 6:17 PM

    Tarik Fateh has done a great favor to Indian Muslims whether they like it or not that any religion including Islam is subject to be praised,discussed and criticized. Nothing is off the table.An enlightened follower not a blind follower is what a compassionate contemporary religion needs. Best of luck and long life to Tarik Fatah. Respect and regards.Congratulations to Zee News for being bold. Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

  3. Ranit Biswas
    May 6, 2017 at 7:30 PM

    Fatah Ka Fatwa was a Great journey of 4 months with you and Zee News. All 17 Episode were perfect hits on perfect targets. We are all waiting for the Season 2 of this amazing show.

  4. Aryan
    May 6, 2017 at 9:06 PM

    Loved your show Sir…hope to see u soon!

  5. Chandan kumar
    May 6, 2017 at 9:39 PM

    This is my favourite show . I encourages my muslim friends to watch it. And belive me this show made them realistic now they also oppose bad practices in islam

  6. Utpal Gogoi
    May 7, 2017 at 12:58 AM

    Fantastic program. Putting the regressive mullahs in their rightful place and uplifting the general people of the faith. Making us understand the why’s and what’s in Islam which really put our Muslim population back in almost all spheres of normal life. Salutes to Mr. Tarek Farah. May he live a long life and enjoy good health.

  7. Avinash
    May 7, 2017 at 12:59 AM

    Dear tarek fatah thanks for this sensible show , not many people understand that the problems which you are talking on your show if not solved can slowly destroy the human civilization in a bad way, talking against 1.5 billion people really need a hell of a courage and u have that . We want to know that u even sacred of anything ? . We all wish u live long and healhty .

  8. Md Irshad alam
    May 7, 2017 at 3:51 AM

    I clearly speaking about Tarek is number one ediot of the world and 2nd ly saying zee news proved as a broker who tried to defame ISLAM to use such type of stupid guy Tarek .Actually The reason is to stop the show beacuse Fateh has nothing agenda to speak about ISLAM.so giving badly execuse and use term farewell but facts that fateh is completely carrier failure person.JAI HIND..Desh ko zee news se bachao

    • Deepak Kumar Gupta
      July 1, 2018 at 8:33 AM

      its better you shut your mouth. Well he has done something for your blind and deaf community. You guys never questions your own religion bad practices, You guys should kiss his feet that he questioned many of the worst things which are in progress right now.
      Please think before you apply any thing in your life from your religion. I know you never understand this, you guys are just so rigid and idiot. But i hope some day you guys get aware and being practical.

  9. May 7, 2017 at 8:15 AM

    Sir we shall eagerly await the next season of your programme

  10. Vinod Kumar
    May 7, 2017 at 9:26 AM

    Totally agree with Tareq, Muslims have gone backwards in last 60 years, thanks to Saudi machinations and the Mullahs they fund.
    I have no issue with the personal faith, but if Muslims teach 6th Century morality, women’s rights to children and teach them to Convert or Kill the Atheast in their religion, kill Shia, kill the Pagans idol worshippers and the Jews and Christians, it is creating dangerous social situations where Muslims worldover can not live in peace with other religion.
    Good news 76 Nigerian Christian school girls who were kidnapped and converted to Islam have been released. But as you would expect there was no outrage against kidnapping school girls amongst Muslims, the terrorist Jihadis were only doing gods work. This is what Tareq Fatah is speaking about.

  11. RK Bharani
    May 7, 2017 at 10:56 AM

    Awaiting Season 2

  12. samir
    May 7, 2017 at 3:05 PM

    Tarek fitnah(liar,conspirator) believes Jews ,Hindus ,Christians are not his enemy.He speaks against Islam and Muslims.He holds 180′ negative mind about Muslims.Tarek fitnah is the leader of Morons.Misleading. everyone .No rational thinking and logic mind.Misunderstood Muslims and Islam. Islam is spiritual way.Western education is completely psychological warfare.

    • Asif
      May 7, 2017 at 11:51 PM

      Dear Samir,

      As slam I like ‘em!

      What nonsense! Tarek is engaged in much needed criticism (not hatered) of Islam’s true nature; in an effort to dry up the superstitious rancid swamp of retarded absence of a billion plus people who are not contributing toward the world’s progress only being just the recipient (just always passively take-take-take has been the case, and still now, for how long will this no-show to continue?) and the stasis filthy Jahiliya that had been the main stay undisturbed of the muslim world up until 9/11. Loud and clear we heard; it didn’t stay in the ‘hood. And now you don’t have any choice from the world’s relentless and unceasing scrutiny that Islam has become the subject of. There’s no avoiding it, for the Goddamned Wahabbi towel-heads that composed the overwhelming majority of the September 11 jihadi terrorist that murdered our fellow Americans en masse, a massacre no less will require us to bring the taste of jihad to where you all live: The MOABs will find you out, you can’t make those rabbit warrens deep enough! Bunch of sick Sharia supremacists bastards.

      However kicking and screaming we’ll drag you out to modernity, that is the resolve of ours here in these United States of America, the home of the hard assed take no nonsense rugged individuals. “Enough already,” we are saying, “Off with you and quit your disgusting misogyny!” I’m embarrassed to inform you that the sick practice of female genital-mutilation that’s still being widely practiced in the muslim world is actually sanctioned by that sick Sharia, no doubt a product of sick mind, all four accepted authorities clearly wrote it in their respective texts. Look it up for your edification. Here in America we’re reading that filth that is revered by muslims all over including the muslims of South Asia. Why?

      If it isn’t Tarek, you think nature would allow a vacuums to stand? Bet on it there’ll sure to follow another someone else perhaps a more abhorrent naturally. The prodding, the scrutiny won’t stop if the collective dead mass of the umma most desperately needs revivification. Respect Tarek, for you have it easy with him for goodness sake he is polite and kindly maybe because years spent in the lovely cool climes the air of near-Arctic environment of Canada has mellowed him out rather too nicely. I would have preferred a true artist inclined toward more cantankerous design of the debate as they go: Such a program would begin by laying out the unvarnished actual verse in all its grizzly venomous details spelled out against the Kuffars (fellow citizens that are the followers of other religions or no religion al all); and then berating the bearded clowns with specialization in one discipline, only, namely Islam, at the cost of not knowing anything else? We’ll ask them how could they justly hold such vile beliefs against their co-equal fellow citizens of the same state? We’ll then proceed to berate them with. “Don’t you know what is so clearly stated in Quran such vile intentions as sanctioning murder of fellow citizens? Hah? Hah? Hah? When finding no answer, only demure visages that comes from being found out as the naked emperor. Then we’ll show what happens when we concentrate in one field: a narrow subject: a kind of a state of specialization known to us all, out here in the west, as ignorance, ridiculous Jahiliya? And the berating begins…until it becomes actually absolutely-embarrassing to appear in beard cum the ridiculous Halloween costumes of the Arab towel-heads. We are going to bring your societies to a point where kids in all the neighborhoods are going drive loads of fun by pelting the mulahs or anything coming to resemble anywhere near a mullah…well, God forbid…. (Sentences we could not finish due to the demands of proper decorum that the Christian west absolutely insists upon.)

      Sharia, worry-yea forget about, written
      well over hundreds of years past the death
      O’ the prophet, however the Jahiliya had you smitten
      For written in Araby. the language Arch Angel spaketh?

      No, No they are written by the towel heads
      Serial communication guarantees it null and void inauthentic.
      Try experiment: word of mouth, hear say bit of dander heads
      Soon discovered apocryphal primitive not futuristic.

      It needs to be thrown out in its entirety.
      And yes the presumption that Islam offers,
      Th’ complete way of life from here to eternity,
      Perfection. Take it, available, and upon offer th’ secular.

      Trust me this above piece came to me not in a trans but in careful study of watching all of the episodes of Tarek’s Fatwa, I kid you not, precious time I burned watching ass holes mullahs. This darned damned Sharieth is worse than musibath (difficulty, problem, impasse or quandary.) Why be hard-up with business as usual, give the darling women folk hard-time: vitamin D deficient sans sunlight under the covering chader or burka. Don’t you know exposure to the ladies makes men civilized? Put them upon pedestal, they are to be respected: Mothers, daughters, sisters, better-half the mankind. Why be slaves to business as usual, take up knowledge: In an all comprehensive education shun laziness, learn to read. Spread out before you the smorgasbord, partake a little from all. soon you shall be well on your way, one among the stars.

      Samir, such a beautiful name, you’ve got to live up to with education. Islam can be perfection, if we criticize some of those harsher verses that are simply insupportable for us to co-exist peacefully as co-equal citizens of our respective nation states. Give up the arrogance of Imperialistic designs of subjugation by the dint of force, for we the west won’t allow you that. Not when your muslim lot is wedded to the primitive Jahiliya. Fire mullah, fire mufti, GPL all of them (Kick ass all o’ them bearded lot that are in to specialization (scary thought) for it gets in the way of comprehensive education that is required from all of us in the Age of Information. (IA)



      • Abhishek Chatterjee
        May 8, 2017 at 2:01 AM

        Dear Asif,

        Wahabism, a form of Saudi nationalism, (funded by Saudi monarchy) is being by these Mullahs these days in the name of Islam, which is ultimately harming the Muslims themselves. So Mr Fatah’s show indubitably has a great deal of effort to expose those Mullahs, that’s why these mullahs are screaming to protect their anuses.

        • Asif
          May 8, 2017 at 6:15 PM

          Dear Mr. Chatterjee,

          Well said, congratulations! Especially the last line, your concluding line that “,,,mullahs are screaming to protect their anuses.” Precisely. And that’s where in their proverbial collective mental command centre, precisely, that I intend to plant my thich-boot on my right foot in order to send them flying, airborne in an effort to break them out of their hidebound all consuming trans.

          Actually, Mr. Chatterjee I have been making great head ways into the origins of this ongoing un-holy alliance between these two gangs of the towel-heads found in Saoudi Arabia: the Monarchic and the Clerical orthodoxy of Wahhabis/Salafists hardliners strictly by the book originalists. When in Islam there exists no concept monarchy then why the hardliners, “the fanatics” and “the religious nuts” are putting up with it? A good question to ask, don’t you think? Yet, as I found out the towel-heads El- supremo the great great grand daddy Saud of all of them saudis had struck a deal with the Wahhabis that running the state will fall on the House of Saudi in the form of monarch/dynasty and the remaining towel-heads would run the religious concern thus they ended up doing the division of labor.

          Young Saudi family kingdom, so soon after the founding, struck gold in terms of oil very early on thanks to the western technology and know how all the way up from discovery to its extraction to its refinement to its delivery. All the dumb Arab monarchs were left to do is to make babies with their numerous wives and concubines. And mullahs went wild with the new-found moolah spandulick dineros rupee exporting to all corners of the world their kind of the most virulent Islam across the world. In the hands of the most purists, emphatically so for they insist upon taking Quran and Sharia quite literally, for they are retrograde, they want to recreate the times of seventh century AD; to them, it’s the equivalent to our concept of the Nirvana. They are in the Zone (Zone? Imagine the feeling at the peek, the very instant, unfortunately however fleeting, of the sexual ecstasy, when most keenly felt) when the jism ejaculates as the Frisian sets in at the time of the climax. That’s heady for anyone, but to a hard up Araby deprived of female sightings in their native lands due to the strict perda in the burka of the Wahabbi persuasion? Just forgetaboutit! In the heat of the desert sands plus the heat from within the man can’t think, ’tis hoor-time 24-7.

          If you think I’m merely joshing with you, then you would be wrong. Sir, to us muslims, the meaning of heaven itself is very sexual: Utterly and completely geared toward sex, and very much male centric. There’s no mention of well hung male studs, equivalent of female hoors. The very good behavior is induced by the promises of multiple hoors, kind of like sexual buffet with all you can eat enticement. No muslim man is going to pass up that opportunity for a mere earthly gravity-bound females, “perfect” wife? That’s why poor women lot has it rough in Islam. The long and short of it is to outlaw these two cults of Islam: Wahabis/Salafists the utter Jahiliya. Or at least by declaring them odious non-religions and cults all the protections accorded to religions in civilized society won’t be accorded to these two and over time they’ll whither away only to remain a bad memory. You’ll find plenty of examples throughout history how dominant religions have successfully been able to eradicate minority afflictions. In the end I’ll bet you, ten to one, they won’t even thank us for doing them such a huge favor: How do you like them apples, eh?

          I thank you Mr. Chatterjee for dropping a friendly line. I enjoyed very much writing this response to my reply. Furthermore I hope to see you in these pages more often, do drop a line here, as I frequent quite regularly. Good luck to and wishing you all the best, bye.

          Yours truly,


      • samir
        May 9, 2017 at 11:59 AM

        I have already alerted everyone that western education is a psychological warfare.You’re tweets show you’re psychopath .No need to write fictitious book.Holy book opens the eye’s of believer .Not necessary to answer everything ,as there are some mystics in spiritual world.Allah is the best of guidance.


        • Asif
          May 10, 2017 at 2:43 PM

          Dear Samir,

          When you say, that “…you have alerted everyone…,” that means, now the entire population of the sentient life on earth planet wide has been alerted. Really, that’s how your sentence comes across. Did you mean to write this?

          Define! If you really think about it, “education,” the word itself is an invention of the west: as it has developed over the past many centuries and millennia from prehistory on to the rich classical period from the ancient Greeks to Romans, on the one hand; and, on the other from the judeo-christian tradition, from Jerusalem: Thus combining the aforementioned two strand, it incorporates all the learning, it’s all encompassing and comprehensive.

          Had you known the meaning of education, out of respect and appreciation of it, you would have been circumspect in your assertion; and, then I am sure you would have been able to at least pursue it, if not attain education, since it’s an ideal no one really quiet achieves. So, you not knowing the meaning of education necessarily prompts us to safely assume that you having any, such is education. And education alludes us, for not having been able to define it, for what possible pursuit there can be toward that end? That, Sameer, is the reason the word Jahiliya sticks to our brethren in faith. We squirm, cry foul, but to of no avail: Spinning wheels, trapped in the quick sand of Jahiliya and going nowhere but ever deeper into Jahiliya we sink. Isn’t this the case, I ask you? Burning in jealous envy against the lovely quality of life we enjoy out here in the west and pass it on to our children to safeguard and cherish, never come to take it for granted, and above all, pass it on enhanced and more vibrant, that in the nutshell what education has been and continues to be all about for us in the west.

          You may say that “Holy book opens the eyes of believers” all day and every day till eternity the eyes will have remain as shut as they have ever been: Just like Plato’s cave dwellers. It may be that “Allah is the best of guidance,” As I have explained it has remained a most enduring truth for us here out west, that God helps those who help themselves. Whose truth would you say is verifiably so, yours or ours?

          I never expected to see from you yet another reply. No matter, here I am, again engrossed in writing after having written a lengthy letter just a few days ago. Aren’t you lucky for I enjoy writing, nothing gives me more pleasure than writing, almost as good as sex, but I exaggerate, not quite so. Painting with words; sculpting structures with words: Syntax baby, is everything. Once again the song, “I can’t get no satisfaction…no no no…hay hay hay… that’s what I say..I can’t get no..” by the Rolling Stones is playing upon the airwaves. Life is sweet in the west, for it’s lonely at the tops. Life is meaningful; it’s fulfilling, it’s worth living, for us here in the U.S.. we call it gift of life, which keeps on giving. My mother who was proficient in Farsi, use to sight her favorite aphorism of Farsi: Shukraanay Naimeth Ufzoonh Kunnad; Thukraanay Naimeth …O’ damned I forgot the rest, in English its colliery blessings rejected, God diminishes the blessings. We have faith, because it’s buttressed with education the mysterious nature has begun disrobing herself at an alarming rate that we are learning that our Maker did indeed create the universe to accommodate human conscience. Cogito ergo sum (I think therefore I am.) Here, out west we are leagues ahead of the confused (forever debating the meaning of philosophy) east. Relentless unceasing quest for the origins? And purpose? Ever propelling the west to ever higher new heights of knowledge by going ever deeper into the photon, electron, proton and neutron to DNA to RNA. We’re about to vanish decease by tweaking the human gene itself, no need for medicine one-size-fits-all kind. All that you see and most readily take for granted: Please show some respect and appreciation for the forever or rather always-on internet connectivity (the perquisite of life) that is ubiquitous, the miracle of modern medicine, silicon chip to carbon based chips that we’re currently transitioning to with mind blowing calculating capacities. And not to mention the thousands of books that get published every single day. Literally, we’re swimming in the tsunami of the proverbial bit count making us all gluttons in the bandwidth galore. Get an entire lamda (unit to measure the light wave as it is propagated inside the hollow fiber optics cable tube) to yourself in an all optical network, it’s already here, with capacity…to big to fathom.

          I doubt even if one one-thousandth of those published books and related spew of our western civilization gets translated into your bitching Arabic, Urdu, Turkish, or Farsi. I won’t mention what gets spoken in your mud-brick Sharieth lover fanatics with the taste for the bachay bazzi Afghanistan. It’s really stupid to say “Allah is the best of guidance.” and by saying that really absolves you from taking any initiative toward seeking education. Which really locks you into a perpetual Jahiliya for good. That’s why the stagnant societies has been the abhorrent fate for the majority muslim nations world over. It’s the stagnation that lies at the bottom of the restless anxiety causing the muslim young men so full of energy and finding no healthy outlet nor their societies provide constructive mechanisms whereby those pent up energies finding ways to expending it; thus, seeing themselves left far behind the rapidly advancing west and it burns in raging jealous envy (Urdu word “huss’d” best captures the sentiment) “And it burns, burns, burns: like the ring of fire” as late Johnny Cash sang it so beautifully comes to mind, but in a different context altogether.

          It’s alleged in a popular saying that “God help those who help themselves.” He’s certainly helping us quite nicely out here in the west. Keep writing so I may continue pointing….really pouring over parched grounds toward slaking that thirst. My pleasure, you are welcome.



  13. Sudha Subramanyam
    May 7, 2017 at 11:55 PM

    Tarek Fatah has raised some uncomfortable truths that ail the Muslim community. These are matters that has to be discussed thread bare. There is no point in brushing what is uncomfortable under the table- otherwise these problems will continue to fester and the women in particular, will continue to face injustice. I have seen most of the episodes and for a Hindu woman like me, it was an eye opener to see how suppressed the Muslim women are by the Mullah and Moulanas, who seem to wield a oppressive power over them. I look forward to the second season. A small suggestion- please invite those scholars who can debate a point rationally and calmly. For non-Muslims like me, a more calm, rational and scholarly debate would be helpful in understanding the problems of Muslim women.

  14. Tarun Joshi
    May 9, 2017 at 8:29 AM

    I think that there was a much need of this type of debates in regards with Muslim religious thinking, thanks to Mr. Tarek Fatah that he had and shown the courage that no body (very few) had able to do. This will be in better of Islam and if we genuinely accept and understand the weakness of our religion we can rectify it in time.

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